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Originally posted 14/03/2008 by Pam Fray.

An Australian has contacted me re. his family. Rayfield or Rayefield or Rafield. A
Nicolas Rafield b.17th century, Wouldham, married Elizabeth Dobson. Also a William
Rayefield b. 17th century, lived at Burham.Anyone know of any Rayfields in the area
Originally posted 30/05/2008 by Martin

I would like to use every means possible to raise awarness of the plight currently
facing RAVENS KNOWLE residents and their lovely shared communial garden.
Trenport's attemp to secure this land were made this week (28/05/08) and will be met
by stiff opposition from all residents. Come and see our garden, share our fight and
give us your support. Email your support including any memories of Ravens Knowle
and its Garden to :
Originally posted 06/08/2008 by Paul Price

Nice site, well done. I once lived in Wouldham in the very early 1960's. My dad had
the Rose & Crown Public House, but I notice that it is not listed (presumably because it
no longer exists). Does anyone know what happened to it and even better does
anyone have any old pictures of it?

Originally posted 06/04/2008 by Sean Beard

Hi my name is Sean Beard I live in Bournemouth and I am interested in tracing my
family history my Grandmother was a Stevens she is Buried in the local church I have
only been to Wouldham once to find a grave can you help me?
Originally posted 13/06/2008 by Pamela Cory

Hi there my name is Pam, I am very new to Wouldham in Pilgrims Way......
and I was hoping that I could put an ad in your site to say that I do ironing from 50
pence an item ...
I am not in work at the moment due to having cancer, please could you help?
Originally posted 17/06/2008 by Cheryl O'Rourke

Do you have any historical information on Forge House, I'm curious to know what it
was used for and when it was built?
Originally posted 29/06/2008 by Derek Gordon

Dear Admin,
My stepbrother Barrie Cook played for Wouldham in the 60's and late 70's.. There were
some old photos of Wouldham football team in the Medway Inn pub when I lived in the
village from 1952 to 1983. Do you know if the landlord still has them, and how I can get
Originally posted 19/08/2008 by Thelma Winikajtis

Hello I hope you can help me .
The other Wednesday my sister, two cousins and I were tracing our family tree ,and it
lead us to Wouldham where our great grand parents are buried also our great uncle
who has his name on the church gate .
What I would like to know more about, is Wouldham Court Farm house when it was a
working farm I was told they had their own slaughter house and owned the village
butchers in which my great uncle ran and owned when he married their daughter. I
know its now a bed and breakfast and that the butchers shop is now a house.
If you have any details to confirm this or any old pictures I would be very pleased to
see them.
Hoping you can help
Originally posted 29/09/2008 by Christine Gayler

I am currently tracing my family tree, most seem to come from Snodland, Burham and
Wouldham. I had a great aunt born in Wouldham Workhouse (Rosina Caller born 1881).
Rosinaís mother Elizabeth Caller (my great grandmother) lived at 4 Medway Place and
my great grandfather Thomas Chevous lived at no.10 or maybe the other way round, I
do not have the paperwork with me at the moment). Thomas & Elizabeth married and
moved to Church Street, Burham and subsequently Canada, taking 2 children with
them and leaving two married daughters behind in either 1905 or 1906. Any knowledge
concerning the above would be a huge help.
Many thanks

Originally posted 04/10/2008 by Henny Smith

This is about family research for the family of AUSTIN, George b1812 Spalding,
Linconlshire d 1907 Wouldham, Kent AUSTIN, Sarah b1828 Kings Lynn, Norfolk d 1901
Wouldham, Kent (nee BALLS - I believe) Children Mary Ann, Esther, Sarah, Elizabeth,
William, Fanny, Amey, Harriet, George, Charles From census records its seems George
Snr and a couple of the boys worked at the Lime Works or Chalk Works. I have them
living No 8 The Square, Church Place and in High Street. The daughter Harriet marries
John David Beaney. I believe that both Harriet and John Beaney were killed in Strood,
Kent when a flying bomb (V2?) hit their house. If any one knows of this family or
ancestors of the same, it would be great hearing from them. I am researching this from
Pingelly in Western Australia, so am not able to come to your town to do any research
and have to rely on getting in touch with people via the internet. Any help would be
Originally posted 09/10/2008 by Mel Williams

I moved into Wouldham Village in February this year and the house I have moved into
has a Creda Comfortair electric warm air heater. I am trying to find a company that
would come to service the heater. I am led to believe that a few houses in Wouldham
have electric warm air heating and wondered if anyone could pass on any details of
who I can contact.
Many thanks
Originally posted 18/12/2008 by Jenny Geddes

Can someone please tell me why the bollards as you come into Wouldham from
Borstal are made froOriginally posted 18/12/2008 by Jenny Geddes

Can someone please tell me why the bollards as you come into Wouldham from
Borstal are made from wood? You can barely see them and I know that cars have
already driven into them. I note that the bollards outside the church are going to be
removed and replaced as they are unsightly, a suggestion - that they be put on the
traffic calming part so that traffic coming into the village can actually see that the road
narrows. In my view the current wooden, practically invisible ones are dangerous and
have caused accidents.
Yours sincerely
Originally posted 19/01/2009 by Steve Hamblett

lived in Wouldham until I was 8 years old when my family moved away. I am now 38
and have moved back to the Maidstone area and one day hope to move back to
Wouldham. I can still remember a lot about the village from childhood from my old
nursery school in Knowle Road which is no longer there and our house in Cornwall
I was driving through Wouldham the other day however and noticed that the houses in
CornWall Crescent differ from the one we used to live in which my mother has photos
of.Could you please tell me if they were demolished and rebuilt, and if so when and
why? We moved away in 1978.
Kind Regards

Originally posted 13/01/2009 by Robert Jenkins

Whilst carrying out some family research I came across your excellent Wouldham web
site. My wife's great grandfather Walter Ayling is listed in the 1911 census as being the
domestic gardener at Wouldham Hall, living in Gardeners Cottage with his five
children, his wife having died the year before. I can find no reference to the Hall and
wondered if you can tell me whether or not it or the cottage still exist.
Many thanks for your help.

Originally posted 21/03/2009 by Kate

I am researching my family tree EDWARDS. My great grandfather moved to Wouldham
from Essex in 1880, where he met his wife Sarah KEMSLEY. They had children Lily,
Walter, Eva, Dorothy, Harry and Jack, they moved to Halling C1900. Walter Married
Millicent SLINGSBY IN 1910 at Cuxton.
Can anyone help with any details of them or what life in Wouldham/Halling would
have been like in those days, I believe my great grandfather worke at the cement
works, I presume in Wouldham as he lived in Portland Place, would this property have
been owned by the factory. Thanks for your help. Kate

Originally posted 15/05/2009 by A.Mustafa

Hi all, we are looking to move to Wouldham or surrounding area due to family being
there next year possibly Spring time. Family are helpful but donít wish to put upon
them too much so was wondering if anyone knew a local paper we could look at online
for property? Or where I can find private landlord listings... Or if anyone themselves has
a property they would willing to rent to us in the new year. We are looking for a 3
bedroom (baby on the way) one adult is a smoker, but willing to smoke outside, and we
have two housetrained cats. We are in receipt of housing benefit due to job loss here ,
but are clean and tidy and look after any properties we have rented. Reference from
my current landlord available. If anyone can help with either please mail me on
many thanks in advance

Originally posted 14/06/2009 by David Kemsley

Response to Thelma's 19/08/2008 post about Wouldham Court Farm

I too would like to know more about Wouldham Court Farm. My Kemsley relatives
owned it in the 1800's as recorded at You'll find my email address on
that web page (at the bottom).

Response to Kate's 21/03/2009 post about EDWARDS and KEMSLEY
Kate, you didn't leave contact information, so I'm responding here.

I don't have any direct information on your EDWARDS connection, but I do know a little
bit about the KEMSLEYs in Wouldham. I've been in contact with cousins in England and
have visited that area a few times recently.
You can find "all I know" at
If you want to converse further, you'll find my email address on that web page (at the
bottom). I can get you in contact with a Barry Edwards in the UK who also has Kemsley
connections. The website also has an extensive GED file that another cousin in the UK
generated, which should contain your Sarah Kemsley. I probably have photos of Sarah
Kemsley's grave if she died in the Wouldham area.

Originally posted 25/06/2009 by Sheila Carter (nee Buss)

Dear Sir/ Madam
My father who is 94 this year has been telling me recently about his grandfather who
was killed in a fire,in a tunnel at Wouldham. I would imagine that it was possibly in the
early 1900's the fire happened,but not sure of date. Also according to dad the fire was
stated by someone knocking over a lantern that was on the roof.
My father's name is BUSS. His father was born in the row of white cootages that you can
see on the hill, from very far away. His father was born in 1898 and my dad and my
grandad were both called William. Unfortunately i do not know and dad can't
remember his grandfather's name, other than BUSS. Dad also says that there is a
memorial somewhere in Wouldham to the men who died. He has never seen the
memorial and if it does still exist i would love to take a photo just to show him.
I hope this reuest doesn't cause to much trouble.
Thank you in anticipation

Originally posted 03/07/2009 by David Elias

I hope you can help me. I am the brother of Peter Elias who lives in Ferry lane and I
canít get hold of him, he sometimes changes his phone and doesnít tell me.
Before I contacted the Forresters Arms, his favorite pub but perhaps its too early in the
If you could help me locate him or his current number I would be very grateful.

RegardsTel 001809 890 8065

Originally posted 21/07/2009 by Kevin J Payne

hello,being a resident of rochester for practically all my life,and a reseacher in local
history and the paranormal,ive taken a great interest in wouldhams past,among other
local villages,would there be anyone among your members who would share any true
supernatural stories of your village and environs with me?.Ive had quite a few
personal experiences of my own,including one that borders between wouldham and
burham,this particular episode,ive allowed to be included in a new book on strange
goings on in kent.I know a fair bit on the history of wouldam,and there seems to be a
connection with someone of my family and the house where walter burke resided.i
would be most grateful if one of your members can come up with a tale of the
supernatural in your neck of the woods as there seems to be quite a few,i have been
logging such cases for many years now,and have inrterviewed countless local people
recieving a great response,my father also had an encounter on the outskirts of your
village many years ago,and an old police sergeant gave me a couple of fascinating
tales.i very much look forward to hearing from you,my kindest regards,yours faithfully
Originally posted 08/08/2009 by Mark Brunger

I am currently researching my family history and have traced it back to Wouldham
and would love to hear from descendants of John BRUNGER and Ellen BRUNGER
(Nee WRIGHT). My Great, Great Grandfather is George BRUNGER, son of John & Ellen.

You can contact me by email at or by mail to Mr Mark
Brunger, 1/5 Mowat St Geelong West, Victoria, Australia, 3215.

Thanks and all the best to you all!

Originally posted 23/04/2010 by Mark Peters


If you have any knowledge about the Peters family that ran the major cement works at
Wouldham I'd be very interested to hear about it.

Any help in expanding the potted history below would be also very welcome:
For instance any knowledge about key figures in the factory (foremen, engineers, lime
burners, millers, fireman, labourers etc...) would be very well received and if anyone
has any knowledge of what happened to the factory and when it was finally taken
down I would also be interested to know.

William Peters was making lime in the Greystone lime works near Wouldham before
beginning his own works on the east bank of the Medway at Wouldham. He lived at
Wouldham Hall from about 1860.

After Williamís death in 1867 his sons Joseph and Edwin initiated some major
renovations to the works. His youngest son Henry became the man in the public eye.
He over- saw a lot of changes to the plant, concerned especially with the type of kilns
used, to obtain the best efficiency and quality.

And by late 1880s, his 700-strong workforce of Peters Cement Works was one of the
biggest of its kind with certainly the largest fleet of barges in the world.

Transportation costs forced amalgamation, rationalisation and closures. In due course,
Henry sold the Peters business to the Amalgamation (known by 1912 as BPCM - British
Portland Cement Manufacturers).

Many thanks
Originally posted 30/04/2010 by Kelly

Hi, my name is Kelly and William Peters (who started the cement works in 1857) is my
great, great, great grandfather! I am interested in finding out any history on the Peters
Family - my grandfather was Reginald Bernal Peters, who eventually owned the
White Lion Hotel (Folkstone).

His mother was Caroline Payne (the Payne family are listed on the 1901 census for
Wouldham - could this be her family?). I am particularly trying to find the name of
Reginald's dad - I think that Henry Peters was probably his grandfather. Reginald's
daughters are grandmothers themselves today. Can anyone help?

Thanks a mil
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Originally posted 27/05/2010 by Kathy Jordan

Stitchman Blackman Family

Hi trying to find info about my mum Joan Stitchman Her mum was Mary Elizabeth
Blackman and she married Henry George Stitchman all living in Wouldham 1890's
onward. I was also born in Wouldham at the end of WW2 .If any one knew my
mum would be grateful for any info Thanks
Originally posted 16/06/2010 by Jeanne Bingham

I wonder if you can help, I've heard there was an exibition in Wouldham and old
photographs were on display and a CD could be purchased. My husbands ancesters
lived in Wouldam for many years. Is there any books or CD's that I could see
anywhere to check out the photos, we are researching family history.

Originally posted 02/01/2011 by Jan Bransden

Hello and of course best wishes for 2011

Trying to find the e-mail address of the Foresters Arms, I came on the Wouldham
village Help page.
I tried the pub because in most pubs gossip, stories and news is often known.
And because, when I visited Wouldham years ago, I had a pint there, I think, because
it is the closest pub to Ferry Lane.

The case:
when I was in Wouldham, was it 7 years ago?, I was there to buy a piece of land at
the end of Ferry Lane, for a mooring.
I spoke to the owner and also to another man that had a motoryacht there.
We agreed on the price and , bak in Holland, I was contacted by his solicitor, to
arrange the transfer of ownership.
But, after a while contact was broken.
I made inquiries and it worked out that the owner had decided to sell it to somebody
else. I had the impression that he got contact with the new buyer through this
I don't remember any names.

Looking at Google earth with friends of mine that are restoring a nice english smack
here in the Netherlands, and who, because of the smack, have visited my favorite
cruising grounds of years ago, the Thames estuary, we got to looking at Wouldham
while I was telling them this story.
On the sattelite images, to my big surprie, nothing seemed to have changed there.
The peace of land was still empty, the next door old houseboat/barge was still there(
it seemed it was also for sale), and so was the motoryacht.

Is that piece of land still for sale?

That is my question. A short one, though I thought I needed quite some words to get
Originally posted 01/03/2011 by Len Cripps

Ancestors of mine lived at Langfords Cottages in the early - mid 19th Century. Are you
able to locate these cottages - or where they were?

Thanks - in hope
Originally posted 10/03/2011 by David Wood of Twickenham

I was given log books and other papers by members of the Fielder Family who now
live in Hammersmith but whose ancestors were living in your area in the 19th Century
working on a sailing barge owned by a lime burner named William Sankey of the
Mansion House, : Kent, Wouldham : Larkrise : Malling District. He acquired the sailing
barge Caroline (named after his wife?) becoming a Lime Merchant with his sons
William George Martin Sankey and John Hart Sankey who started a sanitary ware
company in Canning Town which became very successfull. William & Caroline were in
Wouldham from at least 1821 with 'Sankey & Co' working from Sankeys Wharf which I
understand from Andrew Ashbee of Snodland had two houses in the 1901 census.

I have not been able to locate Sankeys Wharf on recent OS maps and wonder if you
are able to help me to do so, and indeed have any further information about the
Sankeys and their lime kilns.
Originally posted 24/04/2011 by Kevin Payne


Would anyone in your village be interested in purchasing a copy of our new book
"Haunted Rochester" published by the history press , priced £9.99, its crammed
with many ghost stories and has many photos, if so, they can purchase a signed
copy from me Kevin Payne co-author here at Rochester, by emailing me at
I attach here a photo of the cover of the book. I have a
few ghost stories for Wouldham,and would love to hear from anyone with some to
share, especially on Starkey Castle.

Kindest regards
Originally posted 28/09/2011 by Jim Bell

Does anybody OWN a field or piece of land in Wouldham / Burham area,
where my son and I can use our metal detectors ?
We do not belong to a club, but are both registered with NCMD
(National Council of Metal Detectors).
We do not intend breaking any laws, so must gain permission from a
LANDOWNER before we can proceed with our hobby.
If you can help, please contact me:

Thank You.