Jazz band leading Wouldham Day Float parade
JellyBeans Wouldham Day Float
The Medway Inn Wouldham Day Float
The Foresters Arms Wouldham Day Float
Bucking Bronco, Bouncy Castle etc Wouldham Day
Bean eating contest Wouldham Day
Bucking Bronco, Wouldham Day
Wouldham Day Tug of War Foresters Arms versus Coach
Wouldham Day Tug of War winners,Foresters Arms
Wouldham Day Girls Fancy dress winner
Wouldham Day Medway Inn Beer Tent
Wouldham Day Boys Fancy dress winner
 Day Medway Inn Tug of War Ladies team #1
Wouldham Day Medway Inn Tug of War Ladies team #2
Medway Inn Tug of War Ladies team winners
Wouldham Day Happy Faces bar 1
The inaugural event was let
down initially by the
weather which rained from
the beginning, and whilst
holding off after about an
hour threatened to
re-appear for the rest of the
Wouldham Day 25th September 2004
The event began with a
parade of floats through the
village cheered on by
members of the public with
music provided by a jazz
band which helped make
for an upbeat start to the
On arriving at the
Recreation ground,
Jonathan Shaw, MP for
Chatham and Aylseford
helped judge the best float
which was won by
Jellybeans and deservedly
The supporting floats by
The Medway and the
Foresters public houses
were also very well turned
out, lets wait till next year
and see who wins then.

After the official opening,
many events took place
throughout the day,
including a balloon race,
treasure hunt, a bean
eating competition, a tug of
war against a coach, a dog
display by
Stockbury dog
and a slave for a day
The bean eating
competition was a hilarious
affair with some of the
contestants covered in
bean juice especially the
outright winner
Dave Seven
who, using his ingenuity
won by miles.
There was also a Bucking
Bronco, Bouncy Castles,
face painting and henna
tattoos that were totally
free and were very
popular throughout the
afternoon, entertainment
was supplied as well by a
magician in the village
hall and by a clown who
entertained on the Rec
during the late afternoon,
again all totally free
The tug of war involved
pulling a coach along a
twenty metre track and
was supported by teams
of ten from the
and the
Medway, who
supplied both a ladies
and gents team,there was
also a group of
youngsters from the
village who did
surprisingly well,
unfortunately the

were unable
to raise a team this year.
Hopefully they will next
The men's competition
was won by the
beating the Medway by
less than a second with a
time of
13.8 seconds, the
ladies with no opposition,
was won by the
Ladies team.

The last event of the day was
"The Slave For a Day
Auction" hosted by
who had done an absolutely
splendid job as the public
announcer resplendent in a
ringmasters costume, the
outcome was that
, chairman of the
Parish was auctioned off for
the princely sum of
20 and
Ineke Pope, Late of the
Watermans Arms for 55.
However ther was a late entry
added to the auction that of

Paul Walters
as a Toy for the
day, dressed up fetchingly as
St Trinians school girl and
sold amazingly for
The prizes for the lucky program
were then drawn which then led
on to the evening events firstly a
Blondie tribute band by the name
of "
Call Me", then followed by
The Stretchers", unfortunately
due to the dark and cold they
were not supported as well as
they could have been.Thanks
must go to
Roger Dalton, borough
councillor, who hosted the
Treasure Hunt throughout the
Paul and Pauline Failoni
who hosted the Balloon Race and
who also helped sponsor the
event, thanks also to
of The Medway Inn who
supplied the Beer Tent.
Dee Simmons who supplied
and hosted the Cake Stall,
Paul and Lyn Edwards who
along with their children
helped monitor the Bouncy
Castles, help with the Face
Painting and the Lucky
Straw competition
, Gary
who helped out
generally during the day.
Also a very big thanks to
Redgrave Scaffolding who
built and supplied The Stop
The Goalie competition
along with all the prizes, and
also supplied the float for the
Jellybeans. thanks must also
go to the committee who
organised the event and
lastly to our sponsors who
without them the event
would not have gone ahead.
Some other photos of
the day
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