Present:         Cllr K Malkinson (Chairman)

Cllrs D Adams, J Head, T Fulwell, j A Parnell, K Savage and R Stone

                   Mrs S Egglesden (Clerk)

In Attendance: Borough Councillor R Dalton

County Councillor P Homewood

Community Warden D Leipnik









Apologies were received from PCSO Newby and PC Wilkinson.







The minutes of the minutes held on the 5th January 2010 were proposed by Cllr Stone and seconded by Cllr Savage, to be a true record of proceedings and it was AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.







Members AGREED that any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda. 







Cllr Head declares a prejudicial interest in any issue that arose relating to grounds maintenance work within the parish. She also declared a personal interest in items relating to the Tramway and the Allotments







The police report had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting.


Community Warden Leipnik reported: -


·         T&M Safety Partnership has reported a 10% reduction in crime between April 2009 and December 2009.

·         The Solomon Touring Theatre are performing ‘Trickster on Friday 12th March at 2.30 pm at Aylesford Community Centre.

·         There will be a ‘Crime Prevention’ Road show on 18/2/10, 10am to 2pm at Asda, Kings Hill.

·         There have been warnings regarding a stranger talking to youngsters outside schools in North Kent.

·         Funding has been agreed for Community Wardens for another year.


As there were no further questions, Community Warden Leipnik left the meeting at 7.40pm.






Borough Councillor Dalton reported that the Anti-Social Behaviour Group had a successful meeting in Aylesford last week, which included the 3 villages, Police, TMBC and Russet Homes. A further meeting is to be arranged.


Cllr Dalton was awaiting a response from the River Warden following the Environmental Engineer’s report on the riverbank.







County Councillor Homewood admired the newly varnished flooring in the Village Hall. The Chairman thanked Cllr Homewood for the Members Grant which funded this work.


Cllr Homewood advised that there is still grant money available in the Highway’s grant fund and the Parish Council was asked to consider any work in the village which may benefit from this.









There were no members of public.









Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning Committee: Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning Committee:

TM/10/00009/A10 – Article 10 Consultation by Medway Council for outline Planning Application for construction of 9,500 to 12,000 sqm of floorspace for B1 use: new vehicular access to the public highway, internal roads and vehicle parking, services and ancillary development (Medway ref. No. MC/09/1476) at Land West of Rochester Road, Rochester – The Planning Committee object to this application, as with the previous application submitted in 2008, as there is no requirement due to existing vacant industrial properties already in the immediate area without adding to even more. The local infrastructure is already overstretched and the proposed area is green belt/agricultural land.

A letter had also been received from TMBC on the above application listings its objections, which the Clerk read out to the Parish Council.

(a)                Planning consents issued: None to report.


(c)                Planning applications refused: None to report


Other Planning Issues: None to report







Cllr Adams reported that the Car Park light is awaiting repair and that there is a light out in the Tramway and he AGREED to pass the information onto the Clerk.





Cllr Adams






The hedge/trees in Oldfield Drive was discussed following the circulation of the email from the Enforcement Officer at TMBC. Cllr Adams expressed surprise that the 5 years had expired. It was AGREED that the Clerk would write back to the Enforcement Officer requesting proof of the documentation that this has expired and ask why the numerous planning conditions set prior to adoption were not enforced at the time. It was also thought that once action had started, e.g. previous action regarding the fence line, then the action should continue regardless of whether the 5 years have expired. There has not been any maintenance of this area.


Cllr Head had asked to resign from being the ‘Highways’ representative during last month and therefore the Chairman suggested that all Councillors should take on the responsibility for reporting any Highways faults/problems to the Clerk. The Clerk would then update the Parish Portal. All Councillor’s AGREED to this, to be reviewed if this new system did not work.


Cllr Homewood advised that he now has monthly meetings with KHS. If the Parish Council has outstanding issues, Cllr Homewood is happy to take them forward to this meeting on the Parish Council’s behalf. It was AGREED that the Clerk would collate a list of outstanding issues and forward onto Cllr Homewood.


Cllr Head reported a sign down at the junction/top of School Lane for the Clerk to report on the Portal.


Cllr Head requested a salt bin outside 168/170 School Lane as this had proved to be a cold spot over the last month with the road icing up. Cllr Adams confirmed this and it was therefore AGREED that the Parish Council would be willing to purchase a small salt bin for here. The Clerk would look into this.


Cllr Homewood left the meeting at 8.25 pm.


































Cllr Adams had a request from the school for the paths/road to be swept outside the school due to a large amount of sand remaining after the snow. It was AGREED that the Clerk should contact KHS as they had put the sand there.


Cllr Stone updated the Parish Council on the Valley of Visions Community Trail Project. Following a further meeting with VOV, the footpaths had been walked and a schedule of work to be done has been drawn up. This is currently being sent out to 3 contractors for quotations. A meeting had also taken place with an artist to look at designs for the ‘gateway sculptor’ to be placed at the back of the Church at the start of the riverside walk. The sculptor ideas so far are based around a ‘lime kiln’ design. This is not part of the budget that the Parish Council has been given and will be paid for by VOV.


Cllr Fulwell requested a copy of the draft application sent to VOV.


The Chairman advised that the clearance work would need to commence in March before the bird nesting and also to be eligible for the funding. The Parish Council will need to pay invoices initially and reclaim the money from VOV, agreed in stage payments of around 5K at a time.


The Parish Council are going to try to obtain permissive rights on certain area’s of farmland so the trail doesn’t have to be walked on the road. There will be benches, picnic tables, way markers and interpretation boards along each walk plus a trial leaflet. Cllr Fulwell asked if there is going to be an interpretation board at the Tramway. It has not been planned at present due to funds available as the priority is to clear the footpaths to a standard where future maintenance for the Parish Council will be easy, e.g. cleared to a machine width.


Cllr Adams raised the issue of the quad bikes travelling along the Black Robin footpath. Cllr Stone advised that we are looking at the possibility of putting some steps along this steep footpath. Cllr Adams felt that a kissing gate would be more appropriate. The Clerk is currently liasing with PROW regarding all the planned work on the footpaths and will be bringing this to their attention, also seeing if there is any funding for this from PROW, especially with the quad bike problem.


Cllr Savage confirmed that his wife has volunteered to assist with any artwork required.





































Cllr Adams reported that the fence had still not been repaired. The Chairman confirmed that he has asked a contractor to do this.


The Clerk has been trying to sort out the wastewater bills which the Parish Council have been receiving in respect of the Allotments. A letter has been sent to Southern Water advising that there are not any drains on the land and the Clerk is awaiting a response. It was AGREED that the wastewater bill would not be paid until this matter has been sorted out.






Cllr Head reported that she has had 2 meetings with EDF and the route has been pegged out on the right hand side as you go down the Common. The legal side is being addressed and details will be passed onto the Clerk. Cllr Head advised that the Parish Council should get the wayleave plus a further £1000. The Chairman also advised that he would be having a meeting with Kent Trust as they have a further £2000 for the Common from the Landfill Tax.













Cllr Stone reported that curtain fabric has been chosen by Jelly Beans.









It was AGREED that the car park requires some further maintenance. Cllr Adams asked if Cllr Homewood’s Highway’s Grant could be used for this. It was thought that it couldn’t be used as this is privately owned. Cllr Stone confirmed that there is still enough material left to infill the holes and he agreed to complete the work.



Cllr Stone








General: Cllr Adams asked why there were still bank charges on the latest financial statement. The Clerk advised that the charges were up until the end of December 2009. Following her meeting with the bank in early January, there should not be any further bank charges on the account.


Bank Position as at 31/01/10

Current Account £100.00

Reserve Account £23,948.45

Building Society £10,282.66


Income for January 2010


31/12/2009 Natwest Interest £2.38


Accounts for Payment:


Direct EDF Energy Street Lighting – Jan. 2010 £83.98

2498 Sarah Egglesden Salary/Expenses £957.22

2499 J Harmer Litter Duties – Jan 10 £185.60

2500 HM Rev & Customs NI/PAYE £62.99

2501 Just the Job Repair seat £119.73

2502 South East Water Water Supply / Allotments £298.25


The following cheques were signed for the Village Hall Management Committee:


100612 J Harmer Village Hall Duties – Jan 09 £200.00

100613 Southern Water Waste Water £70.75

100614 South East Water Water Supply £45.06

100615 Sarah Egglesden Cleaning Products £22.61

100616 EDF Energy Electricity Bill £316.44

100617 Wouldham PC Flooring – repaid to PC account £1100.00

100618 HE Constructions Fluorescent lights repair £35.00








Items for the Church Newsletter – Cllr Parnell AGREED to report on the Valley of Visions Community Trail Project plus other issues reported at the meeting.


Land at the end of Ferry Lane – A letter has been received from Workman and Partners asking for the Parish Council to put in a price for the land. After discussion it was agreed that the Clerk would write a letter back offering a nominal sum of £1 plus legal costs, advising that the land would be part of the community riverside walk and an integral part of the Valley of Visions Community Trail project, also pointing out that if the Parish Council owned the land it would take away a liability from LaFarge.


Cllr Head asked about the land outside Cllr Parnell’s property as it may save on legal costs dealing with 2 pieces of land at the same time. It was AGREED to write regarding the Ferry Lane land initially, then once this had been agreed to write again about this other piece of land.




Cllr Parnell















CORRESPONDENCE LIST: The list of correspondence received and letters sent during the last month had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. 







DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd March 2010 at 7.30 pm







Cllr Adams asked what had happened regarding the CCTV idea. It was agreed this hadn’t been pursued further as it was too expensive.


Cllr Adams asked if there had been a response to the Traffic Calming issues. The Chairman informed the Council that the response had been that there is not any money in the budget for any alternations/removal. He also informed the Council that Burham and Wouldham are arranging a meeting with the top people in KHS for a tour of both villages to highlight problems, and traffic calming will be one area that will be discussed.


Cllr Dalton advised that there will be a meeting regarding drainage on 8th March and asked Cllr Head to email him the exact locations of the drainage problems in the village.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.













Cllr Head








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