TUESDAY 1 December 2009 AT 7.30PM



Present:         Cllr K Malkinson (Chairman)

Cllrs D Adams, T Fulwell, J Head, A Parnell, K Savage and R Stone

                   Mrs S Egglesden (Clerk)

In Attendance: Borough Councillors R Dalton and D Davis

County Councillor P Homewood

PCSO A Newby plus colleague

Community Warden D Leipnik

2 members of public










Apologies were received from Cllr Davis. The question was raised regarding Cllr Davis non-attendance at the PC meetings for 6 months. This rule only applies if a councillor fails to attend any meetings of the council or of its committees or sub committees of which he/she are a member. Cllr Davis did attend a meeting with Valley of Visions in October 2009 as part of the committee group for the Community Trail Project.







The minutes of the minutes held on the 3rd November 2009 were proposed by Cllr Savage and seconded by Cllr Stone, to be a true record of proceedings and it was AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.







Members AGREED that any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda. 







Cllr. Head declared a prejudicial interest in any issue that arose relating to grounds maintenance work within the parish. She also declared a personal interest in items relating to the Tramway and the Allotments. 







PCSO Allan Newby’s report had been circulated prior to the meeting. He added that the crimes reported for Burham, Wouldham and Eccles for 2008/09 were 122, and for 2009/10 were 110, a decrease of –9.8%. As there were no further questions, PCSO Newby and colleague left the meeting at 7.40 pm.


Community Warden Dave Leipnik gave a report for November. There was a

report of dog fouling on the recreation ground and dog waste bins overflowing.  He contacted Dog Warden and both attended the location. They also checked the Tramway and all overflowing bins were dealt with appropriately. A male was approached with regards to dog fouling by the Dog warden and he verbally abused her.


During the month, Community Leipnik attended the following:-

  • Remembrance parade and laid a wreath on behalf of the Community Wardens
  • Invited to the Ofsted visit at All Saints primary school
  • Worked with Rosemary Carter of Neighbourhood Watch (NhW) to revive watch's in the area.
  • Attended Valley of Visions (VOV) Board meeting at Aylesford Priory


Community Warden Leipnik left the meeting at 7.45pm







Borough Councillor Dalton reported that there will be a meeting of the 3 village Liaison group regarding anti-social behaviour, which will include Jon Kirby, new District Chief Inspector, Russet Homes and TMBC. This will be arranged for mid January.


Borough Councillor Davis reported that TMBC are going to produce draft of local social housing plan for Burham, Wouldham and Eccles.


A report had been sent to TMBC on flooding in the area following the information he had received from the Parish Council earlier in the month.


KHS new initative on permits was explained to the PC. Contractors now require a permit to work which is hoped to lead to a better organisation of work.


BC Davis also attended the Joint Transportation Board meeting where EDF energy maintenance arrangements were discussed. EDF should be looking into problems within 30 days and if not, it was suggested that the PC contact Peter Homewood.










County Cllr Homewood informed the PC that the Members Grant application for the village Hall floor and curtains had been successful. The PC was asked to resubmit their application for the Teen shelter in April for the new financial year.


He also attended the Valley of Visions meeting last week which was very informative.









1 Member of the pubic had been asked to raise a concern on behalf of dog owners in the village regarding the ‘flood marsh area’, which is now being grazed and has been fenced off, preventing the dog owners walking their dogs. After much discussion, it was AGREED that the Clerk would write to the Landowners to request permission for dog owners to continue to walk in this area. The PC would then inform the member of public of the response.

The 2 members of public left the meeting at 8.25 pm

County Councillor Homewood also left the meeting.











Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning Committee:

TM/09/02456/FL – front porch with lean-to roof at 68 High Street, Wouldham. The Planning Committee had ‘no objections’ to this application.

(a)                Planning consents issued: None to report


(c)                Planning applications refused:

(d)                TM/09/02110/FL – Erection of wind turbine at 12 Trafalgar Close – Refused to permit

(e)                TM/09/02457/LDP - application for Lawful Development Certificate for single storey extension at 10 Castle Street - Refused

Other Planning Issues:

The Chairman reported that he had attended the Probity in Planning meeting along with Cllr Stone which was very informative on the code of conduct within planning.


The Chairman reported that he had attended a meeting along with the Clerk at TMBC with Planning Officers, Vicky Bedford and Robin Gilbert to discuss the proposed location of a new village hall as the original location suggested was unacceptable due to being in the strategic gap and green area. The new location suggested is on the recreation ground next the car park and Knowle Road. Robin Gilbert had advised the PC on the way forward, submitting a plan, also giving justification in detail for the new location before submitting an actual application. It was AGREED that the Chairman and Clerk should pursue this with the assistance of Martin Hunt, the architect who had assisted with the access road application. There would be a cost involved in this.






























Cllr Adams reported a problem with the street light opposite Meadow Way which keeps going on and off and also that P2 was still outstanding. The outstanding street lighting had been highlighted to Borough Councillor Davis. The Chairman asked Cllr Adams to report the car park lighting as only 1 light is working at present. Cllr Stone also advised that the car park holes would be filled shortly.





Cllr Adams


Cllr Stone





Cllr Head reported that she had emailed KHS regarding all unfinished work and she had received a response. The tree in school lane will be reduced by 50 % in December as it is now decaying and the drop curb at the Nursing Home will be completed in December. There is still not a date for the bollards to be completed outside 27/30 High Street. It was AGREED that the Chairman would speak to Peter Homewood regarding this. The Clerk would gather all information on this to pass to the Chairman.


The Clerk was asked to contact Julian Cook, KHS, to ask for the ‘final safety Audit report.

















Cllr Stone reported that the Valley of Visions application for the Community Trail had to be in by 11 December but the Clerk had asked for an extension in time and we possibly had until mid January to submit the application. Councillors were asked to speak with residents about the project to try and get some community involvement. It was AGREED to pay for leaflets to be delivered around the village, requesting involvement with the trail. The Chairman would make arrangements for this.


Cllr Stone reported that a resident has illegally been driving along a footpath by the Black Robin. It was AGREED that the Parish Council should write to the resident, after it is checked that this is illegal.




















The Chairman informed that Trenport had written to the PC regarding the sub letting of part of the allotment land to Mr Head advising that a licence was required. The licence has now been granted.


The Clerk reported that she had spoken with Anne Marr who advised that Andy had checked the allotments for leaks and one leak was found and has been repaired. Some of the plots have been divided into half and quarter plots so now there is only 1 person on the waiting list. 4 people are on notice to quit and 1 person still has a key which they are trying to get back.







There was nothing to report.







Cllr Stone reported that the floor is due to be done later in the month. There is a Village Hall Committee Meeting on Monday 7 December although this may have to be cancelled if none of the hall users can attend. Cllrs Adams and Stone AGREED to clear the back room at the weekend.






Cllrs Adams







The Chairman reported that the railing have been put up. The Clerk will claim the TMBC grant for this work. The Clerk reported that the recreation play equipment maintenance work is due to be carried out next week by Fawns.











General: The Clerks signature had been added to the bank accounts.

Bank Position as at 31/10/09

Current Account £13,789.53

Reserve Account £18,915.13

Building Society £10,282.66


Income for October 2009


20/11/09 TMBC Open Spaces Grant - £2116.00

26/11/09 TMBC Refund – Planning fee £167.50

Accounts for Payment:


Direct EDF Energy Street Lighting – Nov.09 £23.95

2483 Sarah Egglesden Salary/Expenses £951.75

2484 J Harmer Litter Duties £185.60

2485 HM Rev & Customs NI/PAYE £62.99

2486 Burham Parish Council Playscheme £94.50

2487 B & W Church Fund Church Mag. July to Dec. 09 £100.00

2488 J Harmer Xmas Bonus £50.00


The following cheques were signed for the Village Hall Management Committee:


100605 J Harmer Village Hall Duties – Nov 09 £200.00

100606 EDF Energy Electricity bill £169.37

100607 John Boulding Window Cleaner £17.00

100608 Wouldham PC Repay Loan £250.00

Grants: nothing to report


Date of Precept Meeting : It was AGREED to meet on Tuesday 15th December at 7 pm.










































SPECIAL ITEMS – ITEMS FOR THE CHURCH NEWSLETTER – The clerk AGREED to pass on PCSO Newby and Community Warden Leipnik’s reports to Cllr Parnell as she missed the beginning of the meeting.



Cllr Parnell






CORRESPONDENCE LIST: The list of correspondence received and letters sent during the last month had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. 


The Chairman advised that the PC had received a letter from Kent Law Clinic representing the residents of Ravens Knowle asking whether the PC would take possession of the land at Ravens Knowle, to be donated by Trenport. The Clerk had responded advising that the PC have not received confirmation from Trenport of this. It was AGREED that this would be discussed further if Trenport write to the PC confirming the above.







DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th January 2010 at 7.30 pm






Cllr Savage advised that he would be happy to attend the remembrance service in future on behalf of the PC if Cllr Parnell could not attend.


Cllr Adams asked if the Clerk had any further news of the trees in Pilgrims Reach. The Clerk had not and AGREED to contact Liz Guthrie again.


Cllr Stone advised that the land known as the Tramway may become available to purchase in the future which could possibly be made into a proper parking area.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.10pm.















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