TUESDAY 6 October 2009 AT 7.30PM



Present:         Cllr K Malkinson (Chairman)

Cllrs D Adams, T Fulwell, J Head, A Parnell, K Savage, and R Stone

                   Mrs S Egglesden (Clerk)

In Attendance: Borough Councillor’s R Dalton and D Davis

County Councillor P Homewood


There were no members of the public present at this meeting









Apologies were received from Cllr Davis and PSCO A Newby







The minutes of the minutes held on the 1st September 2009 were proposed by Cllr Stone and seconded by Cllr Head, to be a true record of proceedings and it was AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.







Members AGREED that any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda. 







Cllr. Head declared a prejudicial interest in any issue that arose relating to grounds maintenance work within the parish. She also declared a personal interest in items relating to the Tramway and the Allotments. 







PCSO Allan Newby’s crime report was circulated to Councillor members prior to the meeting.







The Borough Councillors report was circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. It was AGREED that reports would only be circulated in future for routine subjects when the Borough Councillors were unable to attend a meeting.








County Cllr. Homewood advised that apart from the grants availability reported in the previous meeting, he had nothing new to report this month.









There were no members of the public present at this meeting.






Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning Committee:


EDF Energy, Land west of Pilgrims Way and at School Lane – Erection of a new terminal pole to support existing 11 KV overhead line – No comments


12 Trafalgar Close – Erection of wind turbine to NE corner of property at gutter/ridge level – The Committee objects to the above application as it was felt that the wind turbine would be visibly intrusive and unsightly to other properties in the location and would not blend in with the rural scene and would therefore be totally out of place in a rural village setting such as Wouldham. The Committee believes we should all be aware of alternative energy options but not when such a little gain is at the expense of our countryside. If the application was successful, it is felt that this could then set a president throughout the village.


(a)           Planning consents issued:


(c)           Merchant House, Starkey Castle Farm – alterations to full height glazing to the rear/garden elevation - Granted permission


(e)           Planning applications refused: none to report


Other Planning Issues:


Wouldham Social Club site, Knowle Road – Following receipt of the letter from TMBC requesting further documentation due to new planning legislation, it was agreed that this application should be cancelled, on the advice of TMBC and a new application submitted for the Village Hall to be sited further away from the recreation ground car park next to Knowle Road, where the utilities are sited. It was AGREED that the Clerk would submit a plan showing this area to the Planning Officer to access suitability of the site, then the Parish Council could look to submitting a new application with the required documentation.


The Clerk advised that a letter had been received advising that an appeal had been made to the Planning Inspectorate for the land junction at Rochester Road and Laker Road for the construction of a free-standing non-illuminated post sign. It was AGREED that on reflection, looking at the TMBC’s comments for refusing consent that the Planning Committee should respond with ‘the committee agrees with TMBC’s reasons for refusal of consent and questions whether this sign would obstruct the sightlines of drivers of vehicles exiting Laker Road and turning right into Rochester Road and therefore objects to the application for this reason.’


Further to a discussion on how planning comments are submitted to the TMBC, it was AGREED that the current procedure should be reviewed , with the chairman and Clerk to draw up terms of reference for members of the planning committee so the procedure is clear.


Borough Cllr Dalton advised the Parish Council that Steve Humphrey would be holding a planning session for 2 Parish Councillors. As yet the date is unknown but it was AGREED the Chairman and Cllr Stone would attend.

















































Cllr Stone







Cllr Adams reported that outstanding work should be completed by the 18th of the month, otherwise there was no further outstanding items. The Chairman advised that streetlight P2 in Oldfield Drive was on during the daytime. Cllr Adams AGREED to look into this.






Cllr Adams







Cllr Head reported on the meeting with Terry Drury last month. The parking in Knowle Road was not viable as it was too dangerous due to reversing on the road. The bollards by the church are still on the agenda and would be completed soon. Yellow lines were discussed and if Highways plan to do something, the Parish Council will be notified. The loading bay at the Village Hall was considered to not be viable.











Cllr Stone reported that 2 cuts had been done. Cllr Fulwell had received a letter from a resident complaining that a farmer had ploughed up the footpath which runs up from the allotments to Pilgrims Way. Cllr Fulwell had explained to the resident that the farmer is entitled to plough his field up to 1 metre/tractor tyre width of the field.


The Chairman reported on a visit that himself and the Clerk had made to Valley of Visions. A handout was passed round to all Councillors. The Parish Council is to be given 20k heritage funding lottery money to create a circular trail using existing footpaths, bridleways and byeways. The money could be used to upgrade footpaths, create signage, put in benches along the route and/or produce a leaflet. It was AGREED that the Chairman along with Cllrs Davis and Stone would visit Valley of Visions to discuss further ideas for the trail route.


The Chairman advised that a piece of land at the bottom of Ferry Lane by the old Ferry step owned by Lafarge maybe for sale. It was suggested that the Parish Council could also look into the land at Dairy Wharf and other small sections of land, also owned by Lafarge, at the same time. The Chairman AGREED to ask Lafarge about this.













Cllr Davis

& Stone









The Chairman has tried to contact Andy Marr to see if there is a leakage of water at the allotments but has not had a response to date. This issue needs looking into as the Clerk had advised the Chairman that the water bills for the allotment had been extremely high over the last 6 months.











There was nothing to report.







Cllr Stone reported that quotes had been received for the sanding and varnishing of the village hall floor and the Village Hall Management Committee was looking to get the work carried out as soon as possible. Funding would be required.







The Clerk had received a quote from Fawns for the refurbishment of the Teen Shelter. If was AGREED that the quote seemed expensive and the clerk would seek a further quotation.


The Clerk reported that Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council have agreed to send a cheque to the Parish Council for the amount requested for the maintenance work on the play equipment. This payment is from the commuted sum of money in the 106 agreement. The Clerk had contacted Fawns regarding a start date for this work.


The quote for the railings at the entrance to the car park was less than expected. The Clerk had asked TMBC if the remainder of the agreed grant could be used to replace further railings in the recreation grant and TMBC had agreed to this as long as the Parish Council match fund this work.























The Clerk reported that the annual audit had been returned certified by the External Auditor at the Audit Commission. The External Auditor’s report requested that the Parish Council needs to review the effectiveness of its system of internal audit. This review should be carried out annually. A formal risk assessment should also be carried out annually covering financial and non-financial risks. The Chairman and Clerk had noted the External Auditors report and were looking into this. It was also drawn to the Parish Councils attention to ensure that interest received on the Nationwide account is included in the accounts.

Bank Position as at 30/09/09

Current Account £10,065.35

Reserve Account £18,915.13

Building Society £10,282.66


Income for September 2009


11/09/09 Precept 2nd half £11381.50

30/09/09 Bank Interest Reserve Account £2.38

Accounts for Payment:


Direct EDF Energy Street Lighting – Sept.09 £23.95

2467 Came & Co. Insurance Renewal £2930.73

2468 KALC Financial Day £69.00

2469 SJS Property Rent – 29/09/09 to 28/03/10 £316.25

2470 J Harmer Litter Duties – Sept 09 £229.30

2471 S Egglesden Salary & Expenses £961.76

2472 HMRC NI/PAYE – Aug & Sept £125.98

2473 Keith Malkinson Chairman’s expenses £420.20


The following cheques were signed for the Village Hall Management Committee:


100601 J Harmer Village Hall Duties – Sept 09 £200.00

100602 Thameside Fire Protection Annual Maintenance £48.01



Discussed under recreation ground.
















































SPECIAL ITEMS – ITEMS FOR THE CHURCH NEWSLETTER – Cllr Parnell has AGREED to include the outcome of the Highway’s visit to the village, the discussion earlier on public rights of way in farmer’s field and to report on the proposed Valley of Visions Community Trail project. It was AGREED that Cllr Parnell would email her item for the newsletter to the Chairman before sending onto the editor.

Poppy Wreath – The Clerk requested information on the procedure for the Parish Council arrangements for the poppy wreath for Remembrance Sunday. It was advised that Stella Stevenson, ex Church Warden, normally organised the purchase of the poppy wreath on behalf of the Parish Council. Borough Councillor Davis AGREED to ask Stella to contact the Clerk so arrangements could be confirmed.






Cllr Parnell





BC Davis/





CORRESPONDENCE LIST: The list of correspondence received and letters sent during the last month had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. 







DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd November at 7.30 pm.






Cllr Adams asked about Dairy Wharf. The Clerk has written to Mark Heeley but has not received a response.


Cllr Adams asked about the maintenance of trees at Pilgrims Reach. The Clerk had written to Liz Guthrie who was investigating the 106 agreement with the planners.


Cllr Fulwell requested a copy of the Standing Orders and the Clerks letter to the Audit Commission.


Cllr Head advised that the bench on the Village Green, now installed, required 3 more slats. It was AGREED that Cllr Head would look into getting this work completed.


It was AGREED that Headland would cut back the boundary footpath on the recreation ground up to Piggy Field.


County Councillor Homewood, Borough Councillors Dalton and Davis gave apologies for the next Parish Council meeting as they all had a prior meeting to attend.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.












Cllr Head



Cllr Head

/ Clerk



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