Present:         Cllr K Malkinson (Chairman)

Cllrs D Adams, J Head, A Parnell, K Savage, and R Stone

                   Mrs S Egglesden (Clerk) and Mr MJ Ross (Clerk)

In Attendance: Borough Councillor R Dalton

County Councillor P Homewood

                   PCSO A Newby

Community Warden D Leipnick

There were no members of the public present at this meeting









Apologies were received from Cllr Fulwell.







The minutes of the minutes held on the 7th July 2009 were proposed by Cllr Adams and seconded by Cllr. Stone, to be a true record of proceedings and it was AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.







Members AGREED that any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda. 







Cllr. Head declared a prejudicial interest in any issue that arose relating to grounds maintenance work within the parish. She also declared a personal interest in items relating to the Tramway and the Allotments. 







PCSO Allan Newby introduced himself to the Parish Council as the new PCSO for Wouldham having recently taken over from PCSO Honeysett. He reported the Crime figures on behalf of the Police. The figures covered the period 06/07/09 to 27/08/09 during which time there were 4 crimes reported. These were 1 attempted burglary, 1 theft from a dwelling, 1 theft of gates and 1 theft from a motor vehicle. He also reported that house to house calls have been made in Trafalgar Close to warn parents and children not go on the riverbank to play or fish and that speed checks have also been carried out in the local area over the last two weeks and this will continue.


Cllr Head advised that children fishing by the river had bent the bars of the access gate. Community Warden, Dave Leipnick agreed to follow this up and PCSO Newby would report back to KCC regarding the lack of ‘no fishing’ notices in this area. Dave Leipnick gave the following report: - an official missing person poster put up in the recreation ground had been removed, fly tipping posters have been put up in the area and he had made a visit to a resident with the Dog Warden following complaints of a barking dog. He also reported that he would be attending the ’Breakfast Club’ at the school in the new term. There were no other issues raised under the Police item and PCSO Newby and Dave Leipnick left the meeting.







Borough Cllr. Dalton referred to a meeting he is trying to arrange along with Borough Cllr. Davis to meet with TMBC Housing Allocations Officer so she can go through how TMBC allocate the homes and the rules and regulations they have when instructing Russet Homes where to place people. It was AGREED that councillors should email any views on the above to Borough Cllr Dalton, and the Chairman along with the Clerk would attend the meeting.








County Cllr. Homewood advised that he still has 2 grant amounts available to Wouldham and 3 other Parishes. There is the £25,000 Highways Grant. If this money is not spent this year it will carry over for another year but might not continue after that. Any applications for a grant can be made by email to County Cllr. Homewood. There is also a £10,000 Members Grant. Requests for this grant should be made by the end of October. The Chairman suggested that the Parish Council look into this grant for refurbishment of the teen shelter and would speak with Cllr Lesley Davis (absent from the meeting) about this grant.






Chairman/Cllr Davis





There were no members of the public present at this meeting.







(a) Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning Committee:

(i) Merchant House, Starkey Castle Farm, Wouldham Road – Alterations to the full height glazing to the rear/garden elevation – No comments

(ii) Land junction of Rochester Road and Laker Road, Rochester – Construction of free standing non-illuminated post sign at the junction of Laker Road & Rochester Road – No comments

(iii) 52 Oldfield Drive – Two storey extension to rear of property – No comments

(a)          (b) - Planning consents issued:

(i) 52 Oldfield Drive – Two storey extension to the rear of property

(ii) Recreation Ground, Knowle Road – Change of use of part of existing recreation ground to form new vehicular access road to serve rear of properties nos 20-98 High Street.

(iii) Margetts Pit, Margetts Lane, Burham – Replacement Gas Flare

(c) Planning applications refused:

(i) Land junction of Rochester Road and Laker Road, Rochester – Construction of free standing non-illuminated post sign at the junction of Laker Road & Rochester Road

(ii) Upper Nashenden Farm off Rochester Road – Variations to approved application – conversion of barns, recladding of buildings, access improvements & parking.

(d) Other Planning Issues:

(i) Margetts Pit, Margetts Lane, Burham – Proposed variation to existing planning permission to extend time scale for the importation of waste to the site – Proposal withdrawn

(ii) The Parish Council’s renewal planning consent for online permission for provision of a new building for recreational use at the old Wouldham Social Club site in Knowle Road had been submitted. The Clerk had received a letter requesting further documents. It was AGREED that the clerk would pursue this further with the planning office.






































Cllr. Adams reported that he had been asked to look at one streetlight at the Tramway area, otherwise there were no further problems to report. The Chairman advised that one of the streetlights was on during the daytime. Cllr Adams AGREED to look into this. The Clerk advised that a letter had been received from TMBC confirming that the financial arrangements for street lighting would continue for 9 streetlights.






Cllr Adams








Cllr Head reported that she is attending a Parish Portal meeting tomorrow. A list of outstanding work had been sent KHS. A Meeting has been arranged with Terry Drury, KHS on 8/09/09 to discuss various Highways’ items. It was AGREED that Cllr Head would make a list of all items to discuss at the meeting with Terry Drury. A copy of the traffic calming final audit report was passed to Cllr Savage following his request at the last meeting.






Cllr Head





Cllr Stone reported that cuts were done at the end of July although it was not clear if the whole of MR1 was cut. It was also thought that the cuts were not sufficient. The Chairman suggested that the Parish Council could use some money to get the footpaths cut back into a reasonable state. The Clerk reported that a response had been received from Medway Council regarding the gap in the MR1 footpath and they are in agreement with the Parish Council that this footpath should be linked and are currently looking into ownership of the land with the Land Registry office.







The issue of the 2 invoices received for the water supply at the allotments has now been resolved and a refund has been received from SE Water. The Clerk had received a letter from SE Water suggesting that the high water bill this quarter may be due to leakage and we should investigate this. The Clerk had emailed Andy Marr asking him to check for leakage but had not had a response. It was bought to the Parish Councils attention that allotment tenants might be running hoses unattended. It was AGREED that the Chairman would check for leakage first then check the allotments to see if hoses are being left running unattended.











Cllr Head informed the Parish Council that the notice had been repaired and replaced. It was also suggested that the chairman, at some stage, take the clerk to visit the common so she is aware of ongoing projects here.







Cllr Stone reported that the next Village Hall Management Committee meeting is to be held on 7/09/09.







The Chairman reported that the missing panel of railing had now been replaced. The Rospa report had been received and there was nothing of great concern to report as the majority of the work suggested for improvement in the report is to be carried out by Fawns, once the commuted sum of money in the 106 agreement has been confirmed to be in place by TMBC. The Clerk was still waiting to hear from TMBC regarding confirmation that the repair costs will be met by the commuted sum. It was AGREED that the Parish Council should look into funding for the refurbishment of the Teen Shelter. Cllr Head suggested that the new shelter should have a concrete base on the bottom with tarmac on it rather than the current dirt bottom.


The Chairman reported that one of the benches by the play equipment has been ripped out and is upside down. It was AGREED that the Clerk should contact Headland regarding reinstalling the bench.


Cllr Head reported that there are 2 trees on the recreation ground that are dead and are in need of felling. The Chairman AGREED to look at the trees.










Chairman/Cllr Davis














The Clerk reported that she had received a letter from the Audit Commission requesting further information. The Clerk AGREED to look into sending the information to them.

Bank Position

Current Account £6,683.17

Reserve Account £18,912.75

Building Society £10,282.66


Income for July/August 2009


28/07/09 SE Water Refund £20.11

21/07/09 TMBC Hire of Village Hall £100.00

Accounts for Payment:


Direct EDF Energy Street Lighting – July & Aug £47.90

2453 J Harmer Litter Duties – July 09 £183.36

2454 TMBC Planning Application £167.50

2455 W. Village Hall W. Village Hall Hire – Bacs £100.00

paid into PC account

2456 Southern Water Water Rates – Allotment £291.46


2457 Audit Commission Audit Fee £327.75

2458 Broker Network Ltd Insurance – A/P £25.00

2459 Playsafety Ltd Annual Inspection £89.70

2460 Staples Stationery – storage boxes £12.71

2461 Burham & Wouldham PC contribution to Parish Mag. £50.00

Church Fund

2462 MJ Ross Sal: 1537.50, Rent 300.00 £1977.91

Exp. 90.88, imp. 49.53

2463 S Egglesden Sal: £711.56, Rent: 175.00 £922.60

Exp: 15.26, Imp: 20.78

2464 J Harmer Litter Duties – Aug. 09 £183.36

2465 S Egglesden Reinbursement/filing cabinet £171.35

2466 BT Payment Services Ltd Telephone Bill – MJ Ross £102.52


TMBC grant for £1250 for the railings in the recreation ground was discussed as the Council has been asked to notify TMBC of our current the position on this by 11/09/09. The chairman had obtained a price for the work. It was AGREED to go ahead with this and the Clerk would advise TMBC accordingly.




















































SPECIAL ITEMS – ITEMS FOR THE CHURCH NEWSLETTER – Cllr Parnell has AGREED to write the newsletter in future. It was AGREED to include the crime figures, also mentioning the concerns regarding children playing/fishing on the riverbank, congratulate all the pubs in the village on their flower displays this year and to inform that the new clerk has taken up her position.





Cllr Parnell




CORRESPONDENCE LIST: The list of correspondence received and letters sent during the last 2 months had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. 







DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th October at 7.30 pm.






Cllr Adams asked about Dairy Wharf. The Chairman advised that it had been AGREED that the Clerk would write to Mark Heeley at Workman & Partners on his return from holiday.


Cllr Adams asked about the maintenance of trees at Pilgrims Reach. It was AGREED that the Clerk contact Liz Guthrie at TMBC to find out the agreement on this.


Cllr Head reported that the website has been updated with the new Clerks details and email link.


Cllr Parnell asked about the bench which is to be reinstated on the Village Green. The Chairman reported that this work is to be completed by Headland.


Cllr Head asked if she should hold onto the historical village photographs and it was AGREED. Cllr Parnell informed the Council that Jill Saunders has some slides that may be of interest. These are the property of the church.


Borough Cllr. Dalton thanked Michael Ross for his work at the Parish Council over the past 12 years.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.50 pm.












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