Monthly meeting of Wouldham Parish Council on 7th July, 2009.


Present: Mr K Malkinson (Chairman) Mr. D Adams, Mr T Fulwell, Mrs J Head,

Ms A Parnell, Mr K Savage and Mr. R Stone


In Attendance: Mr P Homewood (County Councillor)

Mr R Dalton (Borough Councillor)

Mr D Davis (Borough Councillor)

PCSO C. Honeysett (Police)

Lois Burgess (Supervisor of PCSO’s)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)

There were no members of the public present.


1. APOLOGIES: There were no apologies for absence. Action by


  1. MINUTES: The Chairman asked for any comments on the minutes of the monthly
  2. meeting of the Parish Council, held on the 2nd June, 2009. Cllr. Fulwell

asked for an amendment pointing out that he had not agreed with the

submission of the Annual Return to the Audit Commission. Accordingly this

was amended and the minutes were then proposed by Cllr. Adams and

seconded by Cllr. Stone, to be a true record of the proceedings and it was

AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.



any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate

heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda.


  1. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: Cllr. Head declared a prejudicial interest

in any issue that arose relating to grounds maintenance work within the parish.

She also declared a personal interest in items relating to the Tramway and the




reported the crime figures on behalf of the Police. The figures covered the

period 02/06 – 06/07, during which time there were 5 crimes reported. These

were 1 theft miscellaneous, 1 possession of a controlled drug, 1 criminal

damage, 1 theft of a m.v. and 1 burglary of a dwelling. There were no other

issues raised under the Police item and PCSO Honeysett and Lois Burgess left

after this item.


  1. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: Borough Cllr. Davis referred to

the ANL application for an extension of time and advised that there had been a

leaflet drop in all 3 villages. The consultation was now closed for objections.

An instance of tailgating by a lorry driver, had resulted in him being sacked

But, apart from this, it had been indicated that the driving standard of lorries

was exemplary. The matter was now awaiting the decision of KCC as to

whether to refer the matter for the officers to deal with or to bring the matter

before Members.

Borough Cllr. Dalton reported that he had been advised that PCSO Caroline

Honeysett was being relocated to part of another district, for operational

reasons. It was understood PCSO Alan Newby would replace her and would

take up his duties on the 27th July, 2009.



Action by



  1. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: The Chairman welcomed County

Councillor Homewood and congratulated him on his election.

Mr Homewood reported that he had 2 grant amounts to deal with. A £10,000

Members Grant and a £25,000 Highways Grant (a pilot scheme for 2 years).

Applications for a Highways grant must be submitted by the end of October but

applications for the Members Grant could be later.

8. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were no members of the public present.


  1. PLANNING: (a) Applications commented upon during the month:

                                                                           i.      Upper Nashenden Farm-Variation to approved application-Conversion

of redundant barn, etc.: No comments

                                                                         ii.      1 Meadow Way-single storey side extension: No comments

                                                                        iii.      ANL Application for Extension of time-The PC feel strongly

that the original application was on a compressed time frame due to

deadlines imposed by DoE. Now all of a sudden the time frame can

be stretched for another year and the PC are of the opinion that a completely

new application should be sought from ANL rather than the current request to

extend the consent. This would leave the way clear to give consideration to

the matter in the light of an improved local road structure, associated with the

Peters Village development, that hopefully will take place within the reasonably

near future.

(b)   Applications approved:

i. 1 Meadow Way-Single Storey side extension

(c)    Applications refused:

There were no planning applications refused this month.

(d) Other Planning Issues:

There were no other planning issues this month.

10. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams reported that there were no outstanding

issues. However, Members discussed the matter of posting notices on

street lights and AGREED that TMBC should be approached to suggest that Clerk

when litter picking gangs were in the area they should be asked to remove all out

of date notices.


11. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: The re-positioning of the bollards outside the

houses in Wouldham Court was still an outstanding issue and despite the

fact that this was a fact, KHS had not put it on the list of outstanding works.

It was suggested the County Cllr. Homewood might be able to pursue the matter.


12. FOOTPATHS/PROW: Cuts were due to be done during July with some

already done. Attention was drawn to the fact that MR1 was in need of more

than a single cut and it was AGREED that the Clerk should write to David Clerk

Munn of KCC PROW Office advising that the PC would like to take up his

offer of finding money for additional cuts and arrange these for MR1.

County Cllr. Homewood could also assist in this matter.

It was also pointed out that there is a gap in MR1 between KCC’s area of

responsibility and that of Medway Council.


Action by

It was AGREED that the Clerk should write to both parties asking if

consideration could be given to trying to complete the route of MR1 by Clerk

acquiring the land necessary to create a complete MR1.


13. ALLOTMENTS: Water charges were an issue that needed to be resolved and

Clerk advised that he was in contact with SE Water in this connection. Clerk

The Clerk also advised that the Allotment Assn. had reported that there were 3

Plots on ‘improve it or lose it’ notices and there were currently 8 people on the

waiting list with some being allocated plots in the near future. There had been

problems with one of the standpipe taps which has been temporarily repaired

and all other plots, other than those on warning notices, being worked to an

acceptable standard.


14. WOULDHAM COMMON: The Clerk reported an email received from a

resident regarding the possible provision of a fire pit but who seemed to

think this was going to be on the Recreation Ground rather than the Common.

It was pointed out that this was only a suggestion at this stage and there were no

specific plans to create a fire pit.

Cllr. Head reported a meeting with representatives of EDF Energy in regard to

the easement they were taking on the Common. They were querying the

bottom boundary and whether there were any adjustments needed on the PC’s

land or Mr. Wharton’s. It was concluded that the £1,000 agreed would stand

but that if there was a need to go further on the PC’s land this figure may be

adjusted up

The Clerk stated that Cllr. Head had found an old notice relating to the Common

and that tipping was prohibited. It was in need of some attention but could be

mended and put up and Members AGREED that this should be carried out. Cllr. Head


15. VILLAGE HALL: The Chairman of the VH Management Committee,

Cllr.Stone, reported that there was a need to replace the curtains within the VH

but.the Management Committee did not have sufficient funds to purchase these.

Members AGREED that prices should be obtained for their consideration. Clerk

It was suggested that it might be worth considering the provision of a parking

Bay at the front of the VH and it was AGREED that the Clerk should make Clerk

enquiries of KHS to ascertain their reaction to such a suggestion.

16. RECREATION GROUND: It was reported that the hardcore for filling the

holes in the car park, had been delivered and Cllr. Stone undertook to carry out Cllr. Stone

the filling works as soon as possible.

The Chairman advised members that Fawns Recreational Services, who provided

much of the play equipment on the Recreation Ground, had carried out a survey

of all the equipment and had confirmed that repairs and maintenance work on

a list of items, which the Clerk had, was necessary and would cost £5,389.67.

It was pointed out that TMBC were holding a commuted sum for maintenance

work to play equipment, from the 106 Agreement relating to the Wilcon

development and Members AGREED that the Clerk should make application to Clerk

TMBC for authority to arrange for this maintenance/repair work to be carried out

in the knowledge that the cost would be met from the commuted sum.

The Clerk reported that having made enquiries of TMBC, in regard to the

Renewal of the outline planning consent for a building on the Recreation Ground

car park, he had been advised that it was necessary for the PC to submit a new Clerk

application and he was currently preparing this for submission before the expiry

of the existing consent on the 28th July.

Action by

17. FINANCE: (i) General: There were no general issues to be discussed.

(ii) Bank Position: Income for Month – £1,369.64

Current Account - £9,545.63

Savings Account - £18,912.75

Building Society - £10,282.66

(iii) Accounts for Payment:

Cheque No





EDF Energy

Street Lighting - Electricity supply June, 2009




Stationery items



SE Water

Water Supply to allotments



Lloyd Hunt Associates

Final part of fee for access road project



All Saints C of E Primary School

Grant towards school activities



Wouldham Guides & Brownies

Grant for activities



M J Ross

Sal: 768.75; Rent: 150.00; Exp: 43.52; Imp: 13.81



J Harmer

Litter duties-June, 2009




Purchase of 1 copy of Arnold Baker’s Local Gov. Adm



All the above accounts were passed for payment.

(v) Grants: There was nothing to report this month.

18. SPECIAL ITEMS: (i) Items for Church News: It was AGREED that the crime

figures, the fact that it appeared someone was mistaken over the fire pit, which

was only a suggestion for the Common and not the Recreation Ground and draw Clerk

attention to the Parish Council’s website, which is now well developed,

together with anything else the Clerk may deem appropriate. It was pointed out

that there was no Parish Magazine published this month but that these items

would appear in one for publication in September.

(ii) Appointment of Clerk to the Parish Council: The

Chairman reported that the interview panel had now carried out interviews with

all 5 candidates selected for interview. Their conclusions, as set out in the

summary previously circulated via email, were that Sarah Egglesden should be

offered the appointment. Members accepted this recommendation and

AGREED that she be offered the appointment and in this connection be Clerk

designated an authorised signatory on the Parish Council’s bank accounts. The

terms of the appointment would be reported to the next meeting.

19. CORRESPONDENCE: The list of correspondence received during the

month had been circulated to Members. Cllr. Fulwell suggested that the Clerk

should provide a list, not only of all correspondence received during the month,

but also one of outgoing correspondence that the Clerk has written in the name

of the PC. This was proposed by Cllr. Fulwell and seconded by Cllr. Head.

Members voted with 4 in favour of the proposal and 3 against. Therefore, with

effect from the next meeting, the Clerk will provide a list of all letters written on Clerk

behalf of the PC.


20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING:The next meeting will be on 1st September, 2009.


21. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Adams asked about Knowle Pit

and Cllr. Stone advised that he had been in touch with Mike Bax, the Agent and

it appeared that the Maths School were unlikely to consider disposing of the Pit until

such time as they required planning consent.

The other issue raised by Cllr. Adams was in relation to Diary Warf and it’s possible Action by

reinstatement. Members suggested that the Clerk should ask Lefarge if they had any

plans for the Warf. Clerk

Cllr. Head suggested that KHS should be advised that the PC envisaged that the PC’s

contractor would undertake all the grass cutting and it would not be a situation of ‘as

well as’ the PC’s contractor.

Cllr. Savage enquired about the Traffic Management Scheme and Members

suggested that the Clerk should approach Julian Cook of KHS to ascertain when

the Final Audit Report would be available. This query is made in the light Clerk

of several accidents that have occurred.

Cllr. Parnell asked about the reinstatement of the bench on the green opposite

the shop and was advised that Dennis Worcester had to shape the ends and drill

holes and re-fix the ends and the bench could be installed.

Cllr. Fulwell asked about the replacement of the panel of railing from the

Recreation Ground and it was confirmed that Headland would be asked to Clerk

undertake this.

The Clerk reported that he had arranged with the KCC Centre for Kentish Studies at

County Hall, to place minute books of the PC for the years 1996 –2003 with them for



There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.45pm



Signed as a correct record of the proceedings.





Date: 1st September, 2009. Chairman……………………….

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