Monthly meeting of Wouldham Parish Council on 7th April, 2009.


Present: Mr K Malkinson (Chairman) Mr. D Adams, Mrs. J Head,

Ms. Parnell and Mr. R Stone


In Attendance: PCSO C Honeysett (Police)

Mr. D Piepnick (Community Warden)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)


There were 2 member of the public present. Action by


  1. APOLOGIES: Apologies received from Mr T Fulwell, Mr G Rowe (County Councillor),

Mr R Dalton and Mr D Davis (Borough Coulcillors)


  1. MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council, held on the

3rd March, 2009 were proposed by Cllr. Adams and seconded by Cllr. Stone,

to be a true record of the proceedings and it was AGREED that they be signed

by the Chairman.



any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate

heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda.


  1. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: Cllr. Head declared a prejudicial interest

in any issue that arose relating to grounds maintenance work within the Parish.

She also declared a personal interest in items relating to the Tramway and the




crime figures for the period 03/03 –06/04. There had been 5 crimes reported during this

time; namely 3 Thefts Miscellaneous, 1 Criminal Damage and 1 Theft from a motor vehicle.

In Laker Road there had been no crimes reported. PCSO Honeysett also referred to the

fact that her poster giving her details, was missing from the notice board by the shop.

She undertook to provide another one for placing on the notice board.

The Community Warden reported that he had met with the Valley of Vision

People, he was following up on more fly tipping and had had reports of

vehicles driving on footpaths. He had also now been trained in dealing with

crime and drew attention to the fact that there was a new law relating to cold

calling. He also referred to the fact that he had received a complaint about

people parking too close to temporary traffic lights.


6. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: Since neither Borough Councillor

was in attendance there was nothing to report.

7. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: County Cllr. Rowe had provided a

written report which the Clerk had circulated. In the report County Cllr.

Rowe stated that at an earlier meeting, he had indicated that Wouldham

Primary School had been identified as a centre that would be offered a

Childrens Centre. Unfortunately this is no longer possible and is being

offered to Burham. Wouldham lease/trust agreement on its buildings will not

allow such a use.

Action by

A further meeting had been offered to Wouldham/Burham year 6 parents,

involving both Area CFE officer and Head of Aylesford Sports College, in

order to progress their concerns. The appeals process will be making a



  1. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: A member of the public asked about the

possibility of providing bus shelters in the village but was advised that this had

been raised before but because of limited space on the pavements this couldn’t

be achieved.

Another member of the public asked about the Parish Precept and the increase

in the Council Tax. It was pointed out that the PC had not put up their Precept

for the year 2009/10 and had retained the same level as that for 2008/09.

The same person enquired about the possibility of becoming a parish councillor

and was advised to submit a letter setting out their cv and requesting

consideration for co-option onto the PC.


  1. PLANNING: (a) Applications commented upon during the month:

                                                                           i.      Starkey Castle-New metal gate: No comments

                                                                         ii.      Land east of 170 School Lane-Two electrical poles: No


                                                                        iii.      7 High Street-Details of materials storage& Screening of

refuse, etc.: No comments

                                                                       iv.      Merchant House-single storey side extension, etc.: PC feel

that although the extension is hidden by the garage block, it

is clearly visible from Wouldham Road and the overall design

of it does not compliment the original barn conversion.

(b)   Applications approved:

i. 7 High Street-Details of materials, storage & Screening of refuse,

surface & foul water drainage, slab levels & landscaping.

ii The Yeomans Cottage, Starkey Castle-Rear extension

(c)    Applications refused:

There were no applications refused this month.

(d) Other Planning Issues: Wilcon Development-106

Agreement: Clerk reported that he had consulted

TMBC regarding the 106 Agreement for the Wilcon

development and had been advised that the £32,000 set

aside for the maintenance of the play equipment was

not time restricted and was available for any maintenance

works on the play equipment. This must be only on play

equipment purchased by the PC from the money provided

by the developer, for the purchase of play equipment.

The Clerk undertook to circulate a list of the play Clerk

equipment provided under the 106 Agreement.

56 High Street-Notice of application for register of a

person in adverse possession: The Clerk reported that

he had received notification from the Land registry that

an application had been received for registration of the

rear garden area of 56 High street, of a person in adverse

possession. This meant the Executors of the Will of the

late owner of 56 High Street, needed to register the Title

of the land to the property and the PC had no objection to

raise on this proposal.

Access Road: The Clerk reported that he had been

Advised by Lloyd Hunt Associates, that they would be in


Action by


a position to submit a planning application to TMBC for

the proposed access road, by mid April.


10. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams reported that there had still be no action on

repairing the street lights that were out. Members voiced their dissatisfaction with

the service that EDF Energy were providing and authorised the Clerk to write to

Kim Hills of KHS expressing their disgust at this extremely poor service from EDF Clerk



11. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: Cllr. Head referred to the Parish Report received

from Kent Highways and commented on a number of issues within it.

The parking situation at the junction of School Lane/High Street/Rochester Road

was referred to and the Chairman confirmed that a meeting had been arranged with

KHS on the following day, to discuss the situation which was becoming extremely

difficult for large vehicles trying to get through this junction.


12. FOOTPATHS/PROW: The Clerk referred to the issue of prioritising the

footpaths in need of work and Cllr. Head reported that Headland Garden Services

found it difficult to determine such priorities. Members discussed the matter and

AGREED that, if it wasn’t too late, the Clerk should write to KCC (PROW) and Clerk

ask if the offer made in their letter of the 3rd July, 2008, of £1,025, which would be

increased slightly as tenders had been sought later in 2008, could be taken up by the



13. ALLOTMENTS: The rents were due to be collected from allotment holders

and the Clerk was instructed to enquire of the Allotment Association whether this Clerk

had been carried out.

It was reported that Headland Garden Services had paid the rent in respect of the

area of the allotments they use.


14. WOULDHAM COMMON: The Clerk reported that he had received a request

from Agents acting for EDF Energy, seeking an Easement in respect of a electricity

cable that they wish to bury across Wouldham Common. The plan of the proposed

route of the easement was shown to Members and after discussion, Members

AGREED subject to the Chairman and Cllr. Head looking at the proposed route at
the site, the proposal be agreed but that the Parish Council seek a single payment of
£500 together with an annual rental of £50.
The Clerk also advised members that he had ordered the picnic table for the
Common, which was being delivered to the firm that had been selected to install it,
but since security was currently poor in this area, it was suggested that the
installation be deferred until such time as it was felt that the area was more secure.

Members also discussed the possibility of arranging for the purchase of a bench seat

to be installed on the Common, providing the PC had sufficient funds.

It was also suggested that a sign be erected with wording to the effect “Wouldham

Common – No Tipping, vehicles or fires by order of Wouldham Parish Council”.

It was also suggested that a litter bin should be provided and the Clerk was to Clerk

contact TMBC to see if this could be arranged.


15. VILLAGE HALL: The Clerk confirmed that he had written to both Lafarge and

and Trenport regarding the release from restrictive covenants on both the Village

Hall and the Recreation Ground. Responses were awaited.



Action by

16. RECREATION GROUND: TMBC had confirmed a grant of £1250 had been

agreed for the completion of the railings along the frontage of the site of the old

social club on Knowle Road. It was suggested that railings might also be installed

along the boundary by the Tramway where existing railings were in an extremely

poor state of repair. Members AGREED to defer the work of installing the railings

to the frontage of the old social club until such time as a further grant might be

obtained from KCC Local Members Grant to finance the provision of railings along

the boundary adjacent to the Tramway.

It was AGREED that Cllr. Davis should make a grant application to KCC for such

a grant as soon as the PC were advised that grants for the new financial year were Clerk



17. FINANCE: General: Nothing to report this month.

Bank Position: Income for Month – £2,359.00

Current Account - £3,341.21

Savings Account - £18,903.76

Building Society - £10,159.28

Accounts for Payment:

Cheque No








EDF Energy

Street Lighting – Electricity supply March, 2009



South East Water

Supply to Allotments - Recovery



South East Water

Water supply to allotments-Standing Charges




Provision of stationery



KCC Supplies

Provision of salt bin



Audit Commission

Fee for 205 Audit fee




Membership of Association for 2009.



Headland Garden Services

Fee for removing damaged window from Teen Shelter



M J Ross

Sal: 768.75; Rent: 150.00; Exp: 32.00; Imp: 13.96



Ms J Harmer

Litter duties – February, 2009



Smiths Gore

Rent for Allotments


All the above accounts were passed for payment.

Grants: Cllr. Davis was not present and there was nothing to report this


18. SPECIAL ITEMS: Items for Church News: It was AGREED that the crime

figures, together with a promotional piece on the Common should be included and

make reference to the confusion that appears to exist over the Council Tax and the

fact that the PC have not increased the Precept this year. It was also suggested that

reference be made to the China Trek being undertaken by 3 local residents and the

fact that although the PC could not justify sponsoring them, individuals within the

Village might like to. Clerk

China Trek-Request for Sponsorship: The Clerk referred

to a request from 3 local residents who were proposing to participate in a China Trek,

for sponsorship in aid of the Heart of Kent Hospice. Members discussed the matter

at length but AGREED that, whilst they had every sympathy with the very

worthwhile cause, they could not justify spending public funds on such sponsorship. Clerk

Secondary selection Prodcedure-Wouldham School: Cllr.

Adams stated that although appeals may or may not be successful, the school could

end up blighted for secondary selection in future years unless action was taken now

to address the issue. There was a definite need for change since it appeared that all

primary schools in the area were under subscribed with all secondary schools over


Action by

subscribed. It was questionable as to the need for a primary school within the

Peters Village development when this took place. Members AGREED that the

Head Teacher of Wouldham School be asked if there was any action the PC could Clerk

take to assist in this issue.

19. CORRESPONDENCE: The list of correspondence received during the

month had been circulated to Members.


20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be on 5th May, 2009.

This will also be the PC’s AGM.


21. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Adams suggested that the

Clerk should write to County Councillor Rowe enquiring if he could explain why Clerk

the County Council have not acted to adopt the Sustainable Communities Act, as

referred to in the email received from the National Co-ordinator of the Act.

Cllr. Head assured members that the web site she was developing for the PC within

the Kent Parishes, was secure and authority was needed to access it for updating.

She would consult with the Clerk and the Chairman before adding any item.

Cllr. Head also referred to the fact that as it seemed highly likely that the Peters

Village development would not proceed in the immediate future, could Trenport

be asked if they would consider re-opening Old Church Road.

Cllr. Parnell referred to the need for the area immediately in front of the bottle

banks on the Rec., to be kept clear of parked cars and suggested a notice should

be put up asking for drivers to keep the area clear. Clerk to seek assistance in this Clerk

from TMBC.

She also asked about the Ferry Lane apparent contraventions of the planning and

the Clerk confirmed that he had raised the matter with TMBC and the Enforcement

Team were investigating.

The Clerk then advised members that he had submitted his letter of resignation to

the Chairman and would be ceasing his employment with the PC with effect from

the 31st May, 2009. Members authorised him to advertise the post and suggested

that KCC be asked if they could include notice of the vacancy within their list

of vacancies, circulating within the Authority.



There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.50pm


Signed as a correct record of the proceedings.





Date: 5th May, 2009. Chairman……………………….

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