Monthly meeting of Wouldham Parish Council on 10th February, 2009.


Present:                        Mr K Malkinson (Chairman) Mr. D Adams, Mr. T Fulwell,

Mrs. J Head, Ms. Parnell and Mr. R Stone


In Attendance:              Mr. G Rowe (County Councillor)

                                    Mr. R Dalton (Borough Councillor)

                                    PCSO C. Honeysett (Police)  (Left after item 5)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)


There were no members of the public present.                                                                                          Action by


  1. APOLOGIES: Apologies received from Mrs L Morgan and Mr D. Davis

(Borough Councillor)


  1. MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting  of the Parish Council, held on the

6th January, 2009 were proposed by Cllr. Head and seconded by Cllr. Adams

to be a true record of the proceedings and it was AGREED that

they be signed by the Chairman.



any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate

heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda.


  1. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: Cllr. Head declared a Pecuniary

      and prejudicial interest in any issue that arose relating to grounds maintenance for

either KHS or TMBC.   She also declared a personal interest in items relating

to the Tramway and the allotments.

Cllr. Fulwell proposed that the Chairman be excluded from any negotiations

on the Tramway.   The Chairman stated that he had already declared an interest

in this matter.   There was no seconder for Cllr. Fulwell’s proposal.



reported that there had been 3 crimes in the Village for the period 04/01-09/02.

1 criminal damage, 1 burglary other than dwelling and 1 assault.

The Clerk reported that the Community Warden had emailed a report, which

he read out to members, covering a stray dog, dogs killed in the Hill Road

vicinity and a meeting with Shirley Boards of Trenport regarding their

intended works in the Village.


6.  BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: Borough Councillor Dalton’s

report had been circulated and made reference to contact from residents of

Trafalgar Close regarding drainage problems, which TMBC had answered, the

adoption of Oldfield Drive was making progress and the problem with waste

bins to the rear of houses in Ravens Knowle could be dealt with by TMBC

sending out a letter, which was read out to Members.   Members AGREED

that TMBC should be asked to send the letter to all residents of Ravens


The Chairman made reference to the fact that 2 more fires had taken place in

Cornwall Crescent, in the 20th and 29th January and the Housing Assn. had

been made aware of this.


                                                                                                    Action by   


7.  COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: County Cllr. Rowe reported on a

variety of matters including dates for meetings of the Parish Partnership Panel

and T & M Joint Transportation Board, the Kent Freedom Pass Scheme and

details of the Skateboard Park in Laker Road which will be offering free indoor

skateboarding and BMX sessions on 31st March from 6.0pm.  Any young person

from the area can attend.

He also gave details of Kent Health Watch and the fact that Wouldham School

had been identified to provide a children’s centre and the fact that black bags

containing parts of dogs had been found in the vicinity of the Lower Bell.


8.  MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were no members of the public present.


  1. PLANNING:  (a) Applications commented upon during the month:

There were no planning applications commented upon

this month.

(b)   Applications approved:

There were no planning applications approved this month.

(c)    Applications refused: There were no applications refused

this month.

Other Planning Issues: Planning Enforcement-Upper

Nashenden Farm-Siting of caravans: TMBC advise no action.


10. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams reported that street lights requiring repair

were all still out and there had been no progress..


  1. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: Cllr. Head stated that she had been advised that the

bollards, forming part of the Traffic Management Scheme, could not be changed

and only the gateways to the Village could be painted.   The ‘keep left’ sign was

of a standard size.

Members AGREED that a new salt bin should be ordered for the Oldfield                                        Clerk

Drive/School Lane junction.

Cllr. Fulwell asked who was the contact in relation to discussions on the Tramway.


12. FOOTPATHS/PROW: The need for a dropped kerb by the entrance to

Winchester House Nursing Home was AGREED and Cllr. Head was to convey this                         Cllr. Head

fact to KHS.


13. ALLOTMENTS: There was no Allotment representative present at the meeting.


14. RECREATION GROUND: Cllr. Stone confirmed he would progress the repair                       Cllr. Stone

to the broken window in the Teen Shelter.


15. FINANCE: General: Nothing to report this month.


                         Bank Position:   Income for Month – Nil

           Current Account - £3,854.89

                                                     Savings Account - £18,903.76

                                                     Building Society - £10,159.28





                                                                                                                                                          Action by

      Accounts for Payment:

  Cheque No






EDF Energy

Street Lighting - Electricity supply January, 2009



M J Ross

Sal: 768.75; Rent: 150.00; Exp: 24.96; Imp: 12.32



Ms J Harmer

Litter duties – January, 2009


All the above accounts were passed for payment.


                  Parish Website: It was AGREED that in view of the current economic

situation, the progressing of the PC’s website be shelved for the time being.

                  Grants:  It was confirmed that the application for grant for the

Common via the KCC Local Members Grant, had been submitted and the outcome

was awaited.


16. SPECIAL ITEMS: Items for Church News: It was AGREED that the crime

figures and any other issues that the Clerk feels appropriate should be included.  Clerk


17. CORRESPONDENCE: The list of correspondence received during the

month had been circulated to Members.


18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be on 3rd March, 2009.


19. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Adams enquired about the

progress on Knowle Pit which was slow due to the difficulty in contacting Mike Bax,

the agent acting for the owners.

He also asked about the progress on the front gardens and rear access lane to the

properties in Ravens Knowle.   The Chairman stated that he was talking to the

Residents Assn. on the matter.

Youth facilities was also an issue raised referring to the TMBC Youth Scheme with

a suggestion that it might be possible to carry out youth activities on the Recreation

Ground during the Summer months.   It was suggested that the Community Warden

might be approached to see if he would be able to help.

Cllr. Head referred to the new shortened minutes, which she felt didn’t always cover

issues that had been discussed.

She also referred to the Parking Study that the PC had stated they wished to

undertake and enquired who would be taking on this role.

Cllr. Fulwell referred to the Declarations of Interest

Cllr. Parnell stated that she would like the PC to encourage local residents to

participate in vegetable growing scheme which she had recently found and had a

website of www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk and members AGREED that

reference to this be included in the Parish News item.

The Clerk referred to letters from TMBC regarding Dog Control Orders and Heritage

Open Days.   Also a letter from Communities in Rural Kent regarding a survey on

Community Action plans.

The Chairman referred to the KM’s 150th Anniversary and the ‘Plant a Tree’ Scheme.

Members AGREED that the PC should apply to partake in the scheme and if

successful, the tree to be planted on the Recreation Ground.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.20pm


Signed as a correct record of the proceedings.



Date: 3rd March, 2009.                               Chairman:…………………

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