PRESENT: Mr. K Malkinson (Chairman), Mr. D Adams, Mrs J Head, Ms. L Morgan,

Ms A Parnell, Mr T Fulwell and Mr R Stone


IN ATTENDANCE: Mr G Rowe (County Councillor)

Mr R Dalton (Borough Councillor)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)


THE PUBLIC: There were 3 members of the public present. Action by


1. APOLOGIES: Apologies for absence were received from Borough Cllr. Davis, PC Dalton

and PCSO Honeysett.


2. MINUTES: The minutes of the monthly meeting of the Parish Council, held on the

2nd September, 2008 were proposed by Cllr. Stone and seconded by Cllr. Adams, to be a

true record of the proceedings of the Parish Council, and it was AGREED that they be signed by

the Chairman.


3. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Members AGREED that matters arising from the

minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading as the meeting progressed through

the agenda.


4. POLICE REPORT: In the absence of representatives of the Police, the Clerk advised

members that he had been provided with the latest crime figures for the period 1st September to

6th October, 2008. There had been 7 crimes reported in the Village of which 3, which were drug

related, had been detected. The remaining 4 were made up of 2 theft from a motor vehicle, 1

criminal damage and 1 assault. There were no crimes reported for Laker Road.

PCSO Honeysett had also referred to the bollards that had been installed outside Wouldham Court/

Church and had indicated that she had received very positive feedback on this and would like the

PC to consider installing similar outside 25 High Street. Members were doubtful whether this

would be acceptable to WKH but AGREED to approach them to see what the reaction was.

The Clerk reported a letter from KCC confirming that a replacement Community Warden for

Wouldham, Burham and Eccles, had been appointed and was currently undergoing training.

It was envisaged that the person concerned would be available for duty as of Monday 17th

November, with the temporary cover continuing until that time.


5. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: The Clerk reported that Borough Cllr. Davis had

advised him that the only item he wished to report to Members, was the fact that fly tipping was

continuing on Common Road and Hall Road, with a large tip of tyres that he had reported at the


Borough Cllr. Dalton reported that he had 3 issues, the first with regard to parking in the Village

and the fact that he had emailed TMBC in this regard and had been advised that Parking

Attendants came out to Wouldham on average 3 times per week. The next issue was one of a

serious nature and the fact that there had been an abduction attempt in Burham recently and as a

result there had been an approach to TMBC for CCTV. A presentation on this subject, was

planned at TMBC offices on the 17th October, at 10.0am and the Chairman indicated his

intention to attend this.

Finally, Borough Cllr. Dalton reported that appeals in relation to the development proposed at 7

High Street and on land fronting Church Place had been dismissed, thus proving that the PC

working together with the Borough Council works successfully.

Action by

6. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: County Councillor Rowe referred to his report

that had been circulated by the Clerk. The report contained information as follows:


1.      Kents Local Democracy Week is to be held 13th 19th October. Parish Councillors

may be asked to give a talk at their local school and they are encouraged to do so.

2.      Inside Track (No. 129) has been issued

3.      Maidstone Voluntary Action has been selected by KCC to co-ordinate recruitment

and placement of volunteers to help with events and one off events across the county

between now and the 2012 Olympic Games.

4. Cold Calling Controlled Zones of Ditton and Eccles in County Cllr. Rowes County

Division, have been identified as areas for consideration because:

(a)    they have a well organized Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in operation

(b)   they have areas of concern, identified

(c)    they have shown an interest

He has allocated 5,000 from his Kent Police Authority grant with, some local KCC

Members grant money, to support setting up the scheme in locations across the

Borough. If the PC are interested, contact should be made with


5. KCC Select Committee on Provisions of Activities for Young People in Kent County

Cllr. Rowe has been asked to join this group set up to develop a comprehensive strategy

of providing more youth activities for young people throughout Kent. The website set

up is www.togogo.info and is being developed to signpost what is available, where and

from whom. The PC is encouraged to submit details of all its known youth

organizations and opportunities for young people within the Parish. As part of this

iniative, TMBC have developed Freedom Passes for all 11 plus year olds which will

entitle holders to travel free throughout the area on production of this pass which will

cost 50 per year.

6.      A skateboard and BMX bike park has been established in Laker Road, known as Unit 1

Skatepark. New Venture Coaches has formed a co-op and is arranging to provide

subsidized transport to this facility which has 2 hour blocks for the use of the facilities.

Contact can be via www.unit1skatepark.co.uk for more information.

7.      Wouldham Guides have submitted an application for grant for camping equipment.

Have the PC any other applications pending. The Grants Committee meet of the

13th October.

8.      The Public Transport Panel meets of the 4th November; the Parish Partnership Panel on

The 13th November and the Joint Local Board on 26th November. All meet at 7.30pm

Councillors and public are welcome at these meetings.

9. Aylesford Sports Collage has 2 Governor vacancies.

7. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: A member of the public asked about the bollards outside the

Church and Wouldham Court and asked why they were so ugly. The need for a bollard in the

area of Nelson Road and the Riverfront was also raised, to stop driving onto the green area. Cllr. Head

Cllr. Head undertook to raise the matter with TMBC (John Dicker).

The poor signs around the green in the center of the Village were also the subject raised by the

public and they were advised that the PC hoped to change these in 2009. when they take over the

management of this area.

Another resident stated that they were disappointed that no bollards had been installed outside 29

High Street, since they have problems with parking outside their house and obtaining access to and

from it. The Chairman stated that he would be meeting with a representative of KHS shortly

and would raise the matter with him and at the same time would ask the PCSO to monitor the

Action by


situation. The matter of dog mess on the pavements in the High Street and on the Recreation

Ground was also raised, with criticisms that people did not always clear up after their dogs.

Members AGREED that the Clerk should include reference to this in the article for the Parish

Magazine, suggesting that anyone noting dogs mess not cleared up, should contact the Clerk

Dog Warden at TMBC.

The condition of the Recreation Ground car park was also referred to and the fact that the

Pot holes were getting worse. Cllr. Stone undertook to follow up on this and try and arrange Cllr. Stone

for these to be filled in.

Another resident stated that he felt that the Village Green opposite the shop needed brightening

up with flower beds and some form of posts to deter parking on it.

8. PLANNING: (a) Planning applications considered by the Planning Committee:

(i)      15 School Lane-Erection of 2 dwellings: The PC is still firmly of the

opinion that the proposed development should not be permitted and

object to the proposal most vehemently. The maisonette is far too

close to the substation and the PC question whether this is piggyback

planning and had the applicant applied for the whole 6 units on the

original application, rather than the 4 applied for and approved, the

application would have been refused.

(ii) Peters Village-Details of archaeological management: No comments

(b) Planning Consents issued:

There were no planning consents notified this month.

(c) Planning Applications refused:

(i)                  7 High Street-Demolition of offside extension & erection of new 2

storey house: Appeal dismissed.

(ii)                Land adjacent 230 High Street-Erection of 2 storey Victorian style

house: Appeal dismissed.

(d) Other Planning Issues:

Access road to rear of High Street: The Chairman reported on a

Meeting he, together with Cllr. Stone, had attended with KCC &

TMBC, arranged by the consultant in this matter. KCC had asked

why they should adopt the proposed road since they felt it would not

serve the community but mainly just the residents of part of the High

Street. However, he felt that they had managed to convince the officers

that the provision of this road would benefit the whole village in the

alleviation of some of the parking problems that currently exist and

would provide a valuable link in the Village. It would provide a

pedestrian and cycle link between Knowle Road and the Tramway.

Martin Hunt, the Consultant, was now gathering the required

information, arising out of the meeting, in order to progress the


Miscellaneous Planning Issues: The Clerk reported that he had

received a letter from the SE Regional Assembly advising of their

search for sites for gypsies and the fact that each local authority was

responsible for identifying suitable sites within their areas. A meeting

for west Kent was planned for the 27th October, 2008, at Oakwood

House, Maidstone.

Matters Arising: The Clerk referred to the report to the September

meeting of the PC, regarding possible breaches of planning control that

had been reported at Upper Nashenden Farm, in regard to car breaking

and siting of caravans. He had now received a letter from TMBC Action by

stating that there would be no action by the Enforcement Team in regard

to the car breaking investigations.


9. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams reported that there were a number of street lights out

but, despite chasing KHS, no action was forthcoming. Cllr. Head suggested that he make

contact direct, with Brian Chitty, who would hopefully, act on the matter.


10. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: General: The Chairman reported on a meeting that he,

together with the Clerk, had had with KHS, who had recently moved to new premises in

Aylesford.. The meeting had proved most useful and it had been confirmed by KHS, that the

Spreadsheet would only include enlargement/improvement issues in the future and all other

maintenance issues had to be reported through the Call Centre and should be reported via the

telephone number 0845 247 800. The Spreadsheet will eventually disappear, probably early in

2009, and be replaced by a computer system which will allow, with a password, for interrogation

on the latest position on issues.

The bollards that have been erected in front of the Church and partly in from of Wouldham

Court, have been erected in the wrong place. Terry Dury of KCC was made aware of this fact

at the meeting held with KHS and has suggested a site meeting to resolve matters. It was

hoped that this meeting will be held very shortly when the Chairman planned to determine with

Mr Dury, not only the exact location of the bollards, but also the type, as the current ones are not

attractive and it was felt that wooden ones would give a softer image.

Matters Arising: The Clerk reported that following the instruction at last months meeting

he had made enquiries of Burham PC in regard to the costs of hanging baskets and their

maintenance. The cost of the 14 baskets they have was 406.00 with a maintenance

cost, involving daily watering, of 420.00 per month.

The Chairman reported that he had made tentative enquires regarding the acquisition of

the verge area owned by Lefarge, at the entrance to the Village and the signs were


11. FOOTPATHS/PROW: General: Currently awaiting a quotation from Headland Garden

Services, for the maintenance of the footpaths within the Parish so as to be able to determine

whether to accept the offer of KCC, who would pay the PC a fixed annual sum for carrying

out this work.


12. ALLOTMENTS: There was nothing to report on the allotments this month.

13. RECREATION GROUND: The repair to the Teen Shelter was raised and Cllr. Stone

stated that the material that he had in mind to use to repair the window, proved to be almost as

expensive as the approximate figure quoted by the suppliers. In view of this, it was AGREED

the Clerk should approach the suppliers and obtain a firm quote for the necessary repair.

The possibility of obtaining funds for this repair, from TMBC in connection with the 106

Agreement, was raised but it was pointed out that these funds were only for maintenance of Clerk

items purchased from the money provided by the developer and the Teen shelter was not such an

item. The Clerk confirmed that he had chased EDF Energy regarding the piles of earth, etc. on Clerk

the Recreation Ground, by Murphys.


14. FINANCE: (i) General: The Chairman reported on a meeting he, together with the

Clerk, had held with Barry Hutchings regarding the establishment of the PCs own website.

Mr Hutchings had indicated that he was prepared to design an appropriate website for the PC

with 5 page headings, all having common navigation and including any necessary photography,


Action by

for the sum 700.00. In addition to this he would host and manage the website for the sum of

80.00 per annum. Members discussed this and decided that before committing to

Mr Hutchings quotation, they should seek alternative quotes so as to be able to carry out a

valid comparison. It was therefore AGREED that the Chairman investigate alternative quotes Chairman

for the creation and setting up the PCs website.

The Clerk reported that Nat West Bank had recently introduced monthly charges for handling

the PCs Bank accounts. Members AGREED that the Clerk should investigate the possibility Clerk

of changing the PCs bank accounts to another bank that does not make these charges and

report back.

(ii) Bank Position:

Income this month: 12,738.50

Current Account: 12,220.74 (Less cheques for payment today)

Savings Account: 18,836.21

Building Society Account: 10,016.01

(iii) Accounts for Payment:

Cheque No





Came & Co.

Premium for PCs Public Liability Insurance



EDF Energy

Street Lighting - Electricity supply Sept. 2008



M J Ross

Sal: 768.75; Rent: 150.00; Exp: 40.32; Imp: 13.96



Ms J Harmer

Litter duties September, 2008


All the above accounts were approved for payment.

(vi) Grants: Cllr. Morgan stated that she was awaiting information

regarding the Members grant application for picnic, etc. facilities to be provided on the

Common and would be submitting the application to County Councillor Rowe as soon as all Cllr. Morgan

the required information was to hand.


16 SPECIAL REPORTS: Church News & Letter: It was AGREED that reference to the

bollards and the fact that they have been put in the wrong place should be made, together with

the crime figures for the Parish. It was also suggested that mention should be made of the

problems with dogs mess in the High Street and on the Recreation Ground and ask people to

make sure they collect their dogs mess and anyone observing someone failing to pick it up, to

be reported to the Dog Warden at TMBC.

The proposal to install a CCTV camera in the High Street should also be mentioned and the Clerk

views of the residents sought on the plans.


17. CORRESPONDENCE: The list of letters and other correspondence received during the

month was circulated to Members on the e-mail, so that any Member could request sight of any

particular item that they wished to read.


18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be on the 4th November, 2008.

19. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Adams enquired about the land at Ravens

Knowle and whether the residents had resolved their issue with Trenport over the sale of the

land to them. The Chairman advised that so far as he was aware, the residents had not yet

indicated their acceptance of the offer by Trenport who were awaiting their reaction to the

offer. Jonathan Shaw, the local MP was involved.

Cllr. Head asked if there had been any response from Trenport over the request to re-open

Old Church Road and was advised that a response was still awaited.

Cllr. Parnell stated that it appeared that numbers of houseboats and caravans were building up

at the lower end of Ferry Lane and she asked if anyone knew what was going on. No one

was aware of this and was unable to give an answer.


Action by


The Clerk reported that he had received an email from Action with Rural Communities in

Kent asking about community transport schemes and whether there was any such schemes

in Wouldham. The answer was that there were no such schemes.

Another email received referred to publicity for Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, based in

Canterbury and asked if the PC could display posters advertising their operation on the

PCs notice boards. Members AGREED that this was not something they could agreed to

as the space on the notice boards was limited.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.45pm


Signed as a correct record of the proceedings






Date: 4th November, 2008. Chairman:

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