PRESENT:                   Mr. K Malkinson (Chairman), Mr. D Adams, Mrs J Head, Ms. L Morgan,

and Mr R Stone


IN ATTENDANCE:   Mr R Dalton (Borough Councillor)

Mr D Davis (Borough Councillor)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)


THE PUBLIC:              There were no members of the public present.                                                           Action by


1. APOLOGIES: Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Fulwell and Parnell, County

Cllr. Rowe,  PC Dalton and PCSO Honeysett.


2. MINUTES:  The minutes of the monthly meeting of the Parish Council, held on the

1st July, 2008 were proposed by Cllr. Head and seconded by Cllr. Adams, to be a

true record of the proceedings of the Parish Council, and it was AGREED that they be signed by

the Chairman.


3. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Members AGREED that matters arising from the

minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading as the meeting progressed through

the agenda.


4. POLICE REPORT: In the absence of representatives of the Police, the Clerk advised

members that he had been provided with the latest crime figures for the period 27th June to the

31st August, 2008.   There had been 6 crimes reported in the Village comprising 1 assault, 2

criminal damage, 1 arson, 1 attempted theft and 1 theft from a motor vehicle.   For Laker Road

there were 2 crimes – 1 theft miscellaneous and 1 theft from a motor vehicle.

The Clerk also referred to the fact that PCSO Honeysett had raised the litter situation at Laker

Road which, apparently, was very bad and had asked if arrangements could be made for a

Litter pick in the area.   Borough Cllr. Davis stated that he would take the matter up with the                     Bor. Cllr. Davis

Borough and see what could be arranged.

It was also reported that parking on the pavement outside Wouldham Court was again becoming

a problem and PCSO Honeysett had enquired when the proposed bollards in this locality, would

be provided.   Cllr. Head stated that they were on the Spreadsheet as being requested and she was

hopeful that they would be installed soon.

PCSO Honeysett had also enquired about the possibility of utilising the school car park out of

hours so that local residents could use these to alleviate the parking problems.   However, Cllr.

Adams stated that he doubted this would be agreed because the school was secured and locked

out of hours and there could be problems with insurance,etc.


5. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: Borough Cllr. Davis reported that despite the

objections to the ANL proposals failing to obtain refusal by KCC Planning, the Action Group

were working on the problem and had met with the Police.   Discussions had raised

suggestions for such safety measures as a light warning of a bend as you enter Burham Village

from the Bluebell Hill direction and ensuring a speed limit of 30mph was imposed on lorries

using the roads, with 20mph within the villages.   Borough Cllr. Dalton reported that Burham

Parish Council met on Monday evening regarding suggestions of speed restrictions on the lorries

and it appeared that there would be no major contractor but the landfill would be undertaken by a

variety of contractors.   It was envisaged that there would be random checks on loading lorries,

etc. and it had now been intimated that it was possible that an extension of the July, 2009 time

                                                                                                                                                                Action by

limit might be granted.

It was also reported that the planning application for the Greenway had been approved, with a

condition that priority must be given to southbound traffic in order to avoid a build up of traffic

outside the houses in Hall Road.   The scheme would be reviewed after a period of time.


6. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: The Clerk referred to the fact that he had

circulated County Cllr. Rowe’s report and Members confirmed their acceptance of the

contents.   The report, summarized, was as follows:

1.      The T&M Joint Local Board meet on the 2nd September, with the main item to be

considered being the collection and disposal of waste.

2.      The T&M Joint Transportation Board meet on the 8th September.   There are no

specific items that affect Wouldham but the latest proposals for Medway Valley

A228/A20 Corridors Outline Public Transport Strategy will be presented, which

will include some reference to the Peters Village Housing development.

3.      T&M Parish Partnership Panel will meet on 11th September, with Cold Calling

Controlled Zones forming part of the agenda.

            4.   T&M Youth Advisory Group is scheduled to meet at Hadlow Youth Club on 29th


5.      Inside Track – issue 127 will be sent out shortly

6.      Requests have been received from Wouldham Guides and Valley of

Vision/Wouldham School, for support in the form of a local members grant with

an environmental/community project.


7. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were no members of the public present.


8. PLANNING: (a) Planning applications considered by the Planning Committee:

(i)                  Peters Village – Main on-site road network, landscaping and public

open spaces: No comments

(ii)                Squires Hall, Starkey Castle – Single storey side extension: No


(iii)               Land east of 11 School Lane – Details of validation contamination

report: No comments

(iv)              Land east of 11 School Lane – Erection of two additional dwellings:

The PC object to this application and feel that this is “piggy back”

planning. The maisonette above the garages would put living quarters

too close to the boundary of the power station and other reasons were

given to justify the objection to this application.

(v)                Peters Village-Construction of Greenway link: The PC wish to ensure

that the traffic lights will give priority to south bound traffic to ensure

no build up of traffic outside 113 Hall Road and the PC are pleased to

note that there is no provision for street lighting along this road, thus

ensuring its continuance to be regarded as a rural road.

(vi)              Land west of Rochester Road-Proposed industrial development:

The PC object to this application most vehemently.   They are of the

opinion that the land is not brownfield and never has been, trees and

hedgerows are affected and the infrstructure is not in place to cope

with the additional traffic these new units would generate.







                                                                                                                                                               Action by

    (b) Planning Consents issued:

(i)                  Peters Village – Additional infrastructure & associated

landscaping as part opf new construction and improvements

to existing rights of way.

(ii)                Peters Village – Construction of new and improvements to

existing highways between Peters Village and junction of

Pilgrims Way/Rochester Road.

(iii)               Peters Village – Construction of Greenway link between

Peters Village & Wouldham

(iv)              Peters Village – Development platforms, main on-site road

network, landscaping & public open spaces.

(v)                Squires Hall, Starkey Castle-Single Storey side extension

                            (c) Planning Applications refused:

(i)         15 School Lane – Erection of two dwellings

    (d) Other Planning Issues:

Access road to rear of High Street: The Clerk confirmed that a

meeting had been arranged, by the Consultants employed, with TMBC

Planning to discuss the plans for the proposed road.   It was envisaged

that a progress report would be possible at the next meeting of the PC.                Clerk

ANL Application: The Clerk reported a letter received from Aylesford

PC, forwarding the notes of a meeting that had been held between

representatives from KCC, Police, TMBC (Cllr. Davis) and Aylesford,

Burham and Wouldham PC’s.   The results of this meeting and other

issues pertaining to it, had been dealt with under the Borough

Councillors item.

Planning Enforcement: The Chairman referred to 2 cases that had

been notified by TMBC, whereby a possible breach of planning control

may have taken place and further investigations were being carried out.

These related to Nashenden Farm, where it was alleged that car breaking

and siting of caravans were possible breaches.


9. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams reported that he was not aware of any lights out.

The Clerk reported that DW Lighting’s contract for the maintenance of the street lights the PC

had responsibility for, was due for renewal and in this respect, they had submitted an invoice

to cover the maintenance for the next 12 months.   This would be dealt with under ‘Accounts

for Payment’.  Members AGREED to the renewal for a further year.


10. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: General:  It was understood that the monthly spreadsheet had

been discontinued by WKH.    However, Cllr. Head advised Members that she had taken the

opportunity to take a representative of WKH round the village pointing out all the issues that

were on the spreadsheet but were still outstanding.   He had confirmed that all the issues

identified were valid.

The Clerk reported the receipt of the Safety Audit (Stage 3) relating to the Traffic Management

Scheme.   It was pointed out that this was only an interim report relating to the road narrowing

part way down Knowle Road and the full and final report on the whole scheme was still awaited.

The Clerk also referred to several complaints about the dangers relating to some parts of the

Scheme but it was confirmed that these could be addressed when the final report was received.  

The Clerk confirmed that a place had been booked for Cllr. Head, at the Kent Highway Services

Seminar scheduled to take place on the 14th October.

The Clerk also referred to the fact that TMBC had notified him of the fact that a TPO had been

made on a number of trees in within the grounds of properties Hall Road.



                                                                                                                                                               Action by

KHS had notified the PC that a joint scheme with Medway Council providing for the

installation of triple road humps, was proposed for Laker Road.   Work was due to commence

on the 18th August.

The Chairman stated that the Community Liaison Officer of KHS had asked for a meeting with

himself and the Clerk, to discuss issues that are of concern to the PC.   The meeting would

take place sometime within the next month and when a date was known he would liaise with                     Clerk/Chairman

Cllr. Head to discuss the issues that need to be raised.

The Chairman referred to the point raised by Cllr. Parnell regarding the provision of a flower

display at the entrance to the village and suggested that the PC might consider taking the

suggestion a little further with, not only a floral display at the entrance to the village, but also

hanging baskets from lamp posts within the village.   Burham PC had provided such and it was

suggested that the Clerk consult with the Clerk of Burham PC to ascertain likely costs so that                   Clerk

the viability of the scheme could be determined.   It would also be necessary to consult KCC

Highways to obtain their views on the provision of flowers on the verge and from lamp posts.

It was understood that the verge area at the entrance to the village, was owned by Lafage

and it would be necessary to seek their agreement, either to allow the display or to transfer the                  Clerk

land to the PC’s ownership.


11. FOOTPATHS/PROW: General: The Clerk reported that he had now received a reply

from David Munn of KCC PROW who had confirmed that it would be possible to transfer

responsibility for maintaining the footpaths in the Parish to the PC.    He advised that KCC

were shortly due to renew contracts for clearance work and was prepared to allow Wouldham

to undertake the work in this parish arranging to pay the same rate as that paid to their

contractor.    The Clerk advised that invoicing for the work would be in arrears and the PC

would need to ensure that they submitted their invoice by the 31st March in each year.

Members AGREED to accept these conditions, subject to carrying out an exercise to

determine what the work was likely to cost the PC were they to take it over and in this

connection it was AGREED that Headland Garden services be asked to provide a quotation,

based on the maps of footpaths provided by David Munn.


12. ALLOTMENTS: There was nothing to report on the allotments this month.


13. RECREATION GROUND: The Clerk reported that ROSPA had carried out an inspection

of all the play equipment on the Recreation Ground and apart from some minor issues that

require attention, there is nothing major in the report needing action.   The invoice for this

inspection was amongst the accounts for payment and amounts to £88.13 which was

substantially less than the Engineers Report charge by Zurich Insurance which, for this renewal,

would have been £564.28.

The repair required on the window of the Teenage Shelter was again raised and Cllr. Stone                      Cllr. Stone

undertook to action the matter.

The piles of earth on the perimeter of the Recreation Ground were confirmed as still being there

and the Clerk confirmed he had spoken to a representative from EDF Energy who had                             Clerk

undertaken to arrange for the contractor to remove these piles of earth, if they were still in place.


14. FINANCE:      (i) General: The Clerk reported that he had received notification from

TMBC that changes were to be made to the Scheme of Financial Arrangements with Parish

Councils for 2009/10.   Because central government were reducing their support funding the

Borough would only receive an increase of 0.4% with the consequence that they would only

be increasing the funding to Parishes under this scheme, by the same amount.   Comments

had been invited but the PC accepted the situation and had no comments to make.



                                                                                                                                                               Action by

                               (ii) Bank Position:

Income this month: Nil

                                    Current Account: £4,775.82 (Less cheques for payment today)

Savings Account: £18,718.26

Building Society Account: £10,016.01                                                             

         (iii) Accounts for Payment:

  Cheque No





Tudor Plumbing & Heating

Extension of allotment water supply



J Savage

Fee for compiling posters for ANL demo



Ms J Harmer

Litter duties – July, 2008.



SE Water Ltd.

Water supply to allotments




Stationery items



EDF Energy

Street Lighting - Electricity supply: July & Aug. 2008



DW Lighting

Annual Maintenance Contract Renewal



Shaw & Sons

Chairman’s Insignia (To be claimed back from Insurers



Smiths Gore

Allotment Rent for half year due 25/09



Playsafety Ltd.

Safety Inspection of Play Equipment




PC’s Quarterly Telephone Account



M J Ross (July & August)

Sal: 1537.50; Rent: 300.00; Exp: 86.08; Imp: 55.73



Ms J Harmer

Litter duties – August, 2008




Fee for preparing a/c’s for 2008 Return to Audit Com.


All the above accounts were approved for payment.

                                    (iv) Renewal of PC’s Public Liability Insurance: The Clerk reported

that Zurich Municipal had submitted a renewal quotation of £3,259.18 together with a charge

of £564.28 for an Engineer’s Report on the play equipment, making the cost of the renewal a

total of £3,823.46.   However, a quotation from Norwich Union, obtained through Came & Co.

for the same cover as that offered by Zurich, amounted to £2,998.38, which together with the

fee of £88.13,  paid to ROSPA for the inspection of the play equipment, would make a total

cost of the insurance £3,086.51.   This would be £736.95 less than the quote from Zurich, for

exactly the same cover and therefore Members AGREED that the quote from Norwich Union,                 Clerk

offered through Came & Co., be accepted.

(v)    PC’s Financial Return to Audit Commission for 2008: The Clerk

presented the Financial Return for the parish, which was to be submitted to the Audit

Commission.    The accounts had been checked by the Parish’s accountant who had, from the

Accounts, prepared the Return.   Members AGREED to accept the Return as shown at                            Clerk

Appendix A, and authorized the Clerk to submit this to the Audit Commission.

                                    (vi) Grants: Cllr. Morgan referred to the need to submit a grant

application to KCC.   Members discussed the matter and AGREED that a Local Members

Grant be applied for, to enhance the common facilities.   The grant sum to be sought would be

£2,000 and Cllr. Morgan would arrange for this to be submitted via the Clerk.   This sum                          Cllr. Morgan

would cover the cost of picnic facilities and other enhancements to the Common.


16 SPECIAL REPORTS:    Church News & Letter: Apart from the crime figures, it was left

to the Clerk’s discretion, in consultation with the Chairman, as to the subjects to be included in                  Clerk

the Parish News, which would be for the July /August period..


17.  CORRESPONDENCE:  The list of letters and other correspondence received during the

month was circulated to Members on the e-mail, so that any Member could request sight of any

particular item that they wished to read.


18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be on the 7th October, 2008.




    Action by

19. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Adams raised the question of re-opening

Old Church Road , which had been closed by Trenport.   He felt that, despite an earlier

approach to see if they would consider re-opening it which they had refused, a further

attempt should be made to see if they would reconsider.   Accordingly it was AGREED

that the Clerk write to Trenport and ask them to reconsider their decision and re-open Old                        Clerk

Church Road.

Cllr. Adams also suggested that an item might be included in the Parish News seeking

anyone in the Village who were keen to see a new village hall/community centre

provided for the Village, to volunteer to serve on a Steering Group that the PC would

set up in consultation with the Village Hall Management Committee.   Ideally they would

have some expertise to offer such as ability to prepare a business plan, etc.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.20pm


Signed as a correct record of the proceedings






Date: 7th October, 2008.                                                          Chairman:………………………

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