6th MAY, 2008, in the VILLAGE HALL, WOULDHAM.

PRESENT: Mr. K Malkinson (Chairman), Mr. D Adams, Mr T Fulwell (arrived late),

Mrs J Head, Mrs. L Morgan, Ms A Parnell and Mr R Stone.


IN ATTENDANCE: Mr R Dalton (Borough Councillor)

Mr D Davis (Borough Councillor)

PCSO Caroline Honeysett (representing the police)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)


THE PUBLIC: There was 1 member of the public present. Action by


1. MINUTES: The minutes of the monthly meeting of the Parish Council, held on the

1st April, 2008 were proposed by Cllr. Adamsl and seconded by Cllr. Stone, to be a true record of

the proceedings of the Parish Council, and it was AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.


2. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Members AGREED that matters arising from the

minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading as the meeting progressed through

the agenda.


3. CO-OPTION OF COUNCILLOR: The Clerk referred to the minute of last months meeting

when Mrs Lesley Morgan had submitted a letter offering herself for co-option and setting out a

brief summary of her experience. The Clerk advised Members that Mrs. Morgan had now

completed all the necessary paperwork including Declaration of Financial and Other Interests

and invited her to complete the entry in the Book of Declarations of Acceptance of Office, which

she did. This was endorsed by the Clerk as the Proper Officer.


The Chairman then invited Mrs. Morgan to join the meeting.


4. POLICE REPORT: PCSO Caroline Honeysett reported that there had been 5 crimes during

the month.. There were 3 reports of criminal damage, 1 of taking a vehicle and 1 burglary


5. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: Borough Cllr. Davis reported that Trenport

Investments were still negotiating with Network Rail regarding the bridge crossing and

anticipated that the delay to the commencement of the project would now mean a start in the

Spring of 2009. He also confirmed that Trenport cannot vary the agreed procedure.

With regard to the application by ANL to increase the HGV use of Margetts Pit, he advised that

an Action Group was being proposed, on the same lines as that that fought Southern Water’s

proposals in Eccles and support would be required from the 3 Villages Liaison Group

There was no progress on the adoption of Oldfield Drive but he assured Members that he was

still chasing the conclusion of this matter.

Borough Cllr. Dalton then referred to a meeting that had been held regarding School Lane and

the proposal to remove the lineage and create new bays and also to the fact that he was proposing

to arrange a litter pick in the village on the 17th May meeting in the Recreation Ground at 10am.

Any help from members would be welcome.

Borough Cllr. Dalton also advised Members that he had attended the Rural Policing “Have

Your Say” Seminar where it had been identified that the Police in Kent were failing on 3 main

issues. The first was communication, the second was visability and the third was consultation.

He also advised that he, together with Borough Cllr. Davis, would be holding a surgery in the

Village Hall, Wouldham on Saturday next the 10th May.


Action by


6. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: County Councillor Rowe had submitted a Report

and this had been circulated to Members. The main content of it was as follows:

1.      Post Winter Pothole Repairs: In order to address a significant rise in the number of

potholes that have been reported over the winter months, KHS have had an intensive

campaign to tackle the problem. Additional resources and increased crews have

been working to repair as many potholes as possible. Anyone identifying a problem

should email KHS at kent.highwayservices@kent.gov.uk or call 0845 247800.

2.      Age Concern, Malling is used by Wouldham residents and they have increased their

Fees and are requesting payment in advance for their lunch club (£32.Mon. £35.Tues.

Thurs. Fri. & £61 Wed.) People are concerned that their money is non-refundable,

for whatever reason, if they are absent. Mr. Rowe has been asked to investigate

on their behalf and any comments would be appreciated.

3.      Home to School Transport/Hazardous Routes: KCC are reviewing their list of these

routes. If any Member has a route which is felt needs consideration, please let Geoff


4.      No use Empty Campaign: If anyone knows of an empty property that they think

should be reviewed for this scheme, please contact susan.pledger@kent.gov.uk or

telephone 01622 696814.

5.      Valley of VisionProject: This has been set up to address environmental issues within

Medway Valley and other areas. It is addressing quad bike/motor cycle riding, fly

tipping and other issues of concern to Wouldham. The project manager is Rick

Bayne at rick.bayne@vov.kentdowns.org.uk or telephone 01634 242826.

6. Margetts Pit: A variety of planning applications are in for Margetts Pit. One of

particular concern, is a substantial increase in lorry movements along Court Road,

Burham. Some Burham residents have set up a working group to fight these

proposals and would like Wouldham PC and the 3 Villages Liaison Group to assist


7.      A new financial year means that the Small Community Capital Grants and my local

Members Grants are now available. I have been having discussions with Carl Fitter,

Head of Wouldham School, about ways of helping with his Community Development

Plans which is showing some really exciting possibilities. I am due to visit his

school again in July to present his “Shining Star Awards”, at his leavers assembly.

Following this item, Cllr. Head referred to Mr. Rowe’s reference to his invitation to the PC

Meetings and suggested that now may be the time to ‘let bygones be bygones’ and extend an

invite to Mr. Rowe to attend future meetings. After discussion, it was AGREED that the Chairman

Chairman send an appropriate email to Mr Rowe.

7. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: A member of the public, attending from Burham, referred to

the planning application for the increased lorry movements to Margetts Pit and advised that an

Action Group was being formed and they would welcome support from Wouldham PC. It was

suggested that 2 or 3 councillors might help, together with any members of the public who

wished to become involved.

Cllrs. Head and Morgan offered to assist and Members AGREED that these 2 councillors

represent the PC on the Action Committee. It was stressed that objections to the planning

application must be submitted by the 22nd May, 2008.





Action by

8. PLANNING: (a) Planning applications considered by the Planning Committee:

(i) Scarborough Cottage, Rochester Road-Garden Room: No comments

(b) Planning Consents issued:

There were no consents notified this month.

(c) Planning Applications refused:

There were no refusals notified this month.

(d) Other Planning Issues:

Access road to rear of High Street: The Clerk reported that he had

received a letter from Martin Hunt Associates stating that, in

consultation with Malcolm Appleby of KHS, the question had been

raised as to why the Highway Authority should adopt a service road.

He had therefore referred the matter to the PC for direction on his

response to this query.

Three Villages Liaison Group: The Chairman reported that he

was trying to arrange a further meeting of the Liaison Group so

that the matter of the planning application relating to Margetts

Pit could be discussed, but was also waiting on a response from

Malcolm Appleby regarding other highway issues such as speed

restrictions, etc.


9. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams reported that the street lights in Hall Road were still

out despite numerous calls to KHS but that all other lights reported, were done.


10. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: General: Cllr. Head referred to the Spreadsheet for May and

suggested that the question of parking by bus stops should be raised with a proposal that

revised marking on the road should be undertaken. It was also suggested and subsequently

AGREED that, when the traffic calming scheme is finally completed, the PC should ask for a

further safety audit, at which time the PC should list the issues they have with the scheme.

11. FOOTPATHS/PROW: General: Members discussed the work carried out on the new

footpath from Oldfield Drive to the School. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the

work carried out and it was AGREED that the Chairman and Vice Chairman meet the Chairman &

contractor on site to discuss the works required to correct the situation. Vice Chairman


12. ALLOTMENTS: The Chairman referred to an email received from Andy Marr on behalf

of the Allotment Association, stating that they had a number of people awaiting plots and felt

it likely that the fence between the allotments and the land let to Mr. Head would need to be

moved shortly, in order to make more plots available. However, members were concerned

that there were a number of plots that did not appear to be used and were becoming overgrown,

so before making any plans for the moving of the fence, which can only be moved once per

year, the Association be asked to explain the apparently unused plots. Chairman

The Chairman also stated that the Association were also keen to get another tap provided

further down the allotments and had submitted a quotation from Fannon Ltd. for £949.40.

This was regarded as far too expensive and Members AGREED that the Association be asked

to get further quotes.


13. RECREATION GROUND: The Clerk reported that he had consulted TMBC on the

question of credits for recycled cardboard and had been advised that, like Burham PC, the

PC could engage in a separate contract with Smurfits who would provide the appropriate

Bank, thus TMBC would remove theirs and the contract for the removal of cardboard would

then be one direct between the PC and Smurfits. TMBC suggest that any arrangements

entered into should be on a trial basis initially while any issues are ironed out. Members

Action by


AGREED that an approach should be made to Smurfits to see if they would be prepared to

enter into an arrangement with the PC on the lines suggested.

The Chairman stated that a window in the Teenage Shelter on the Recreation Ground had been

damaged and Members AGREED that the Clerk should approach to supplier to ascertain Clerk

whether a new window could be provided and the cost thereof.

14. VILLAGE HALL: Cllr. Stone reported that Ms Joanne Harmer had agreed to take over the

role of Caretaker/Booking Clerk, replacing Geoff and Joy Andrews. He was planning to meet

with Ms Harmer and Joy Andrews shortly to discuss the issues the job involved and to determine

a date when the new arrangement would take effect. The next meeting of the Management

Committee was scheduled for the 19th May.

Cllr. Adams suggested that the Village Hall Management Committee might consider creating a

Steering Group for the planning of the new Village Hall. It was AGREED that this would be

put to the Management Committee at their Meeting on the 19th May.


15. FINANCE: (i) General: There were no general issue to be raised.

(ii) Bank Position:

Income this month: £13, 495.50

Current Account: £13, 313.86 (Less cheques for payment today)

Savings Account: £18,599.28

Building Society Account: £10,016.01

(iii) Accounts for Payment:






EDF Energy

Street Lighting - Electricity supply: April, 2008.



Burham & Wouldham Chrch Fnd

PC contribution to Parish News (1st & 2nd Quarters)



1st Wouldham Guides

Grant for Guide activities



Just the Job

Repair of damaged seat



M J Ross

Sal: 768.75; Rent: 150.00; Exp: 29.12; Imp: 14.90



J Harmer

Litter Duties-April, 2008



Wouldham CP School

Grant for school activities


All the above accounts were approved for payment.

(iv) Grants: The Clerk drew attention to the fact that grant applications

for the Small Community Grant projects needed to be submitted by the 30th September. It was,

therefore important that Members give thought to suitable projects that the PC could submit

for grant assistance.

(v) Audited Accounts for 2005/06 & 2006/07: The Clerk reported that he

had received approval to the PC Accounts for 2005/06 and 2006/07 from the Audit Office.


16 SPECIAL REPORTS: Church News & Letter: Various subjects were agreed for

inclusion in the Parish News, including the re-appointment of Cllr. Malkinson as Chairman, the

crime figures, parking in the vicinity of bus stops and the Margetts Pit issue. Clerk

Village Sign: The Clerk reported that he had consulted with

Development Control at TMBC regarding the need for planning consent for the Village sign.

TMBC had confirmed that, after examining the detail sent and consulting their records, it would

appear that no consent is required.


17. CORRESPONDENCE: The list of letters and other correspondence received during the

month was circulated to Members on the e-mail, so that any Member could request sight of any

particular item that they wished to read.


18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be on the 3rd June, 2008.



Action by

19. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Adams asked about Church Road and

whether it was open or closed. He also raised the question of planning guidelines, any

response from EDF Energy regarding the burying of cables and whether a definitive map of Clerk

footpaths could be obtained from KCC.

Cllr. Head raised the question of the daffodils planted in the Green opposite the shop. She

stated that it would be necessary to measure the existing bed so as to ensure that the other

one created is of similar dimensions. Cllr. Head undertook to carry out the measuring. Cllr. Head


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.15pm


Signed as a correct record of the proceedings







Date: 3rd June, 2008. Chairman:………………………

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