4th MARCH, 2008, in  the VILLAGE HALL, WOULDHAM.


PRESENT:                   Mr. K Malkinson (Chairman), Mr. D Adams, Mr T Fulwell,  Mrs J Head,

Ms A Parnell and Mr R Stone.  


IN ATTENDANCE:   Mr R Dalton (Borough Councillor)

Pc Dalton (Police)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)


THE PUBLIC:              There was 1 Member of the public present.                                                            Action by


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies for absence were received from Bor. Cllr. Davis.


2. MINUTES:  The minutes of the monthly meeting  of the Parish Council, held on the

5th February, 2008 were proposed by Cllr. Stone and seconded by Cllr. Adams, to be a true record of the

proceedings of the Parish Council, and it was AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.


3. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Members AGREED that matters arising from the

minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading as the meeting progressed through the



4. POLICE REPORT: PC Dalton apologized for the fact that there was no representative from the

Police, at the February meeting.    He therefore gave the crime figures for the period 7th January to 3rd

March, 2008, which, for the Village, were 8 crimes reported ranging from criminal damage, theft of a

motor vehicle and assault.   He also gave separate figures for the Laker Road area where there were 6

crimes including thefts from a shop, carrying an offensive weapon and drug offences.

Cllr. Head asked if it was thought the some of the offences at Laker Road were as a result of the recently

opened skate park but the Police did not feel the crimes could necessarily be attributed to this.


5. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: Bor. Cllr. Dalton reported that there would be a

4.1% increase in the Borough’s Council Tax this year.

With regard to Peters Village all issues have been resolved, with the exception of the Greenway.

In the case of the adoption of Oldfield Drive, there are still lights out which have been reported

and bollards have been damaged in the service road.

The planning application relating to the alterations and extensions to form a new dwelling at

7 High Street, was considered by Area 3 Planning Committee, when officers recommended

approval of the scheme, but members debated the application and refused to agree the proposal


6. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: The Clerk reported that he had not received any

report from County Councillor Rowe.


7. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: The member of the public present raised the matter of the

entry into the village from the Borstal side and pointed out that there were no reflectors on the

traffic management works, the sign for which, had been demolished by a car.   Cllr. Head stated that

KHS were aware of this fact and it was hoped that the appropriate reflectors would be fitted soon.

He also asked about the fact that construction traffic appeared to be going into the Pit from Ravens

Knowle and enquired whether this was allowed as it had been stipulated that all construction traffic for

the Peters Village development would not go into the village.


8. PLANNING: (a) Planning applications considered by the Planning Committee:

(i)      The Barn, Rochester Road-Alterations ro form a dwelling-Minor amendment:

      No comments

(ii) Land west of Rochester Road, Rochester Airport Estate-Change of use: The PC

     question whether the road system will be able to cope with the additional



     junctions and traffic movements that will arise as, potentially, this could give rise

      to more ‘rat running’.    Also the PC ask how justification can be given to

      developing this Greenfield site when brownfield land exists in the immediate


    (b) Planning Consents issued:

           (i) Land east of Hall Road-Removal of high voltage overhead line

                            (c) Planning Applications refused:

        There were no applications refused this month.

                            (d) Other Planning Issues:

                                                Members discussed the fact that EDF Energy were burying cables

                                                and suggested that an approach to Trenport Investments might be

worthwhile to see if they would be prepared to arrange and pay for

the cables to be buried through to Knowle Road.   Cllr. Adams also

suggested that the PC might consider seeking their cooperation in

paying for the cables that cross the proposed playing field of the

school, to be buried.   It was understood that EDF Energy had a

policy of burying cables where opportune, therefore Members Clerk

AGREED that an approach to Trenport Investments, raising these

two issues, should be made

Planning Committee: Members discussed the sequence of passing

round planning applications referred for comments and AGREED

that the route should be Chairman/Cllr. Head/Cllr. Adams/Cllr.

Parnell/Cllr. Stone.

Access road to rear of High Street: The Chairman reported that he,

together with Cllr.s Stone and Head, had met with Martin Hunt and

discussed the scheme that had been produced for the access road

As a result of the meeting, various revisions had been agreed and

Martin Hunt was going to produce a revised plan.

Three Villages Liaison Group: There was nothing to report this



9. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams stated that he and Bor. Cllr. Davis had walked round the

Village and had determined which lights were out, particularly in the Oldfield Drive area.

It was now necessary to determine what was an EDF Energy/supply problem and what was a

minor issue.


10. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: General:  Cllr. Head referred to the Spreadsheet and enquired

whether members had any items to add but there were no other issues raised.                                           Clerk

The proposed survey of residents about the possible closure of Scarborough and Margets Lanes

was discussed with the Chairman pointing out that Burham PC had decided that they would not

survey their residents and the fact remained that, at this point in time, KCC had no plans to close

the road and would the survey be more relevant when the bridge was constructed and it was

easier to determine whether these two lanes were likely to become ‘rat runs’.   Members

discussed these issues at length culminating in Cllr. Adams proposing that the survey of residents

should be carried out now and this was seconded by Cllr. Fulwell.   A vote was then taken and

there were 2 members in favour of the proposal with 4 against.   It was therefore AGREED that

the PC would carry out the survey of residents but this would be deferred until such time as the

situation changed with hard evidence of the ‘rat running’ through these lanes.

The Clerk reported that he had received notification from KHS that they proposed to close a

stretch of the High Street from Portland Road to Ferry Lane to carry out drainage repairs and

general patching works. The road would be closed for up to a week from the 17th March, 2008.


11. FOOTPATHS/PROW: General: The Clerk reported that 3 revised quotations had been

received for the surfacing of the footpath through the strip of land by the school that the PC

had recently acquired from Trenport Investments.    The lowest quote was from Paul Lunn and

amounted to £2, 915.64 plus VAT.   Members AGREED to accept the quote and authorized the             Clerk

Clerk to accept the quote and ask for the works to be carried out as soon as possible.

            Matters Arising: The Clerk reported that following his approach to Trenport seeking

            a permissive footpath from Oldfield Drive through to the allotments and High Street, he

had now been advised that they were not prepared to grant this right.  They felt that their

donation of the land adjacent to the school had completed a permeable network of

highway and paths around this Blue Circle/Taylor Woodrow development.   They note

that, following the removal of a section of fence, members of the public have started to

wander along this route but the disrepair will be made good soon.


12. ALLOTMENTS: There was nothing to report on this item this month and there was

no representative of the Allotment Association present.


13. RECREATION GROUND: The bench was being repaired and TMBC were going to refit

a litter bin by the child’s play area

The Chairman informed Members that he had some literature on adult play equipment which he

felt would be very suitable for placing on the Recreation Ground.   He would circulate it to                        Chairman

Members so that they could examine it with a view to discussing the possibility of purchasing

some items, at the PC meeting next month.    


14. VILLAGE HALL: Cllr. Stone reported that there had been a Management Committee

meeting recently with representatives of the users attending and giving their views on  what

they see as the problems relating to the Hall at the moment.    It was hoped that the main                           Cllr. Stone

concerns could be addressed promptly and matters were in hand to deal with this.


15. FINANCE:      (i) General: The Clerk reported that he had had an approach from Came &

Co., Insurance Consultants, who were acting for Norwich Union Insurance, who were offering

a Parish Council Insurance Scheme.   The PC currently insure with Zurich Insurance but

Members AGREED that it would be beneficial to obtain a free quotation from Norwich Union Clerk

who were launching this new scheme.

(ii) Bank Position:

Income this month: £2,000

                                    Current Account: £1,512.56 (less cheques for payment today)

Savings Account: £18,466.10

Building Society Account: £10,016.01                                                             


          (iii) Accounts for Payment:                                                                                                     

  Cheque No





EDF Energy

Street Lighting - Electricity supply: February, 2008.




PC Telephone account




Fee for preparing PC’s Annual Return for Audit Comm



M J Ross

Sal: 750.00; Rent: 125.00; Exp: 36.16; Imp: 12.38



J Harmer

Litter Duties-January, 2008



Headland Garden Services

Invoice for updating and changing Notice Boards


      All the above accounts were approved for payment.

                                            (iv) Chairman’s Insignia: The Clerk reported that he had now

received an amended quote from Shaw and Sons for the Chairman’s insignia.   They confirm

that by not producing a mould and not providing a case, they can provide the insignia for

                                                                                                                                                               Action by

£1475 plus VAT.   The insurance cover provides for reimbursement up to £1450 and

therefore Members AGREED that the revised quote be accepted and the Clerk be authorized

to confirm to Shaw & Sons that the replacement Chairman’s insignia be produced.   The cost                   Clerk

to the PC would be £25.

                                          (iv) Grants: The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from

the Wouldham Guides asking if the PC would consider making a grant so that they can                                     

explore new avenues which might not otherwise be open to them, covering such activities as

team building, problem solving and external leadership.   Adequate provision was made in the

Precept for 2008/2009 for a grant to be made and Members therefore AGREED that a grant of

£500 should be made.   This would not be payable until the financial year 2008/2009.

                                          (v) Audit Commission Returns: The Clerk presented completed

Returns of PC Accounts for 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 as required by the Audit Commission.

These accounts had been drawn up by Arkadia, Accountants that had been employed by the

PC to carry out this work and Members were asked to approve these Returns so that they could

be submitted to the Audit Commission.   Members AGREED the accounts and authorized that                  Clerk

they be submitted to the Audit Commission.


16 SPECIAL REPORTS:  (a) Village Sign: The Clerk reported that he had contacted KCC

Supplies who had advised that the price for providing a brass plaque with the wording

“Designed and built by Ken & Jo Savage – 2007” engraved on it, would be £32.20 plus £10

carriage.   Members AGREED to this charge and authorized the Clerk to place the necessary                   Clerk

order for the plaque.

                                             (b)Church News & Letter: Various subjects were agreed for

inclusion in the Parish News, including notification of road closures, crime figures and the                           Clerk

fact that Mick Gurr, milkman, retired on the 23rd February after 48 years of service.


17.  CORRESPONDENCE:  The list of letters and other correspondence received during the

month was circulated to Members on the e-mail, so that any Member could request sight of any

particular item that they wished to read.


18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be on the1st April, 2008.


19. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Adams suggested that the PC should ask

Liz Guthrie of TMBC to look at the trees of the Village and suggest any that warranted a TPO.

Members AGREED that Ms Guthrie be approached with this suggestion.                                                  Clerk

He also raised the question of the PC obtaining payment for recycling of cardboard and it was

decided that this should be an agenda item for the April meeting of the PC.

Grants from Geoff Rowe via the Local Board are available but can the PC establish who is

entitled to apply for such grants.   It would appear the County Cllr. Rowe has some money                        Clerk

for grants still available.

Cllr. Head made reference to the fact that the bluebells were now in bloom on the Common.

Cllr. Fulwell referred to the possibility of purchasing the land at Church Place and the Clerk

advised that he had the address of the Agents acting for the owner.

Cllr. Parnell asked about the “Wouldham” sign as you enter the Village which has been moved

but the fact that a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ sign is still left in the old position.   Since the

Neighborhood Watch did not appear to exist in this locality any longer, it was suggested that

the sign be removed.





                                                                                                                                                                Action by

The Clerk informed Members that he had received notification from Duncan Robinson, Chief

Solicitor and Monitoring Officer of TMBC, that he was retiring through ill health, on the 31st

March, 2008.   Ian Henderson, his Deputy would be acting Chief Solicitor & Monitoring

Officer until a successor is appointed.

He also referred to an email he had regarding the newly established Valley of Vision and the

grants that were available but stated that this was something the PC were already aware of

and the Chairman had already had discussions on the matter.



There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.50pm


Signed as a correct record of the proceedings







Date: 1st April, 2008.                                                    Chairman:………………………

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