PRESENT:                   Mr. K Malkinson (Chairman), Mr. D Adams, Mr T Fulwell (arrived late), 

                                    Mrs J Head, Ms A Parnell and Mr R Stone.  


IN ATTENDANCE:   Mr R Dalton (Borough Councillor)

Mr D Davis (Borough Councillor)

                                    PC Dalton (Police)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)


THE PUBLIC:              There were 11 Members of the public present.                                                       Action by


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: There were no apologies for absence.


2. MINUTES:  The minutes of the monthly meeting  of the Parish Council, held on the 4th December,

2007, were proposed by Cllr. Stone and seconded by Cllr. Adams, to be a true record of the proceedings

of the Parish Council, and it was AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.


3. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Members AGREED that matters arising from the

minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading as the meeting progressed through the



4. POLICE REPORT: PC Dalton reported that there had been 5 crimes in the village, reported during

the month.   There were 3 criminal damage, 1 burglary and 1 theft of a motor vehicle.   Figures for crimes

reported in the Laker Road, Rochester Airport area were also reported and these amounted to 2 crimes – 1

theft from a motor vehicle and 1 miscellaneous theft.


5. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: Borough Cllr. Davis reported that Oldfield

Drive was still not adopted.   However, KCC Highways had sorted out the land issues and the

Education Dept. were happy with the area for their use provided that it was level and that the

point of access was satisfactory.   The adoption was therefore able to proceed and the only hold

up was the paperwork.

Borough Cllr. Dalton stated that he had 2 items to report on.   Burham and Eccles were keen to

participate in the suggested Vegetable and Flower Show and had appointed 2 members to

serve on the proposed committee.

He also stated that Area 3 Planning Committee had agreed that a site inspection should be

arranged in regard to the planning application for the demolition of part of 7 High Street and the

erection of a new house.   This would take place on Monday, 14th January at 8.30am.

Cllr. Dalton also referred to the fact that it appeared that rumours about a move for PCSO

Caroline Honeysett were about and he had established that these were  totally false and there

were no plans for PCSO Honeysett to move.

Community Warden David Kemp had been signed off sick for another week and would not

therefore be returning to work in the immediate future


6. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: The Clerk reported that County Councillor Rowe

had sent an email giving his report for the meting.  The email had been circulated to all

Members and a summary of this was as follows:

He wished all Councillors a very Happy New Yerar and hoped it would be a productive one.

He was pleased to learn that the Village Sign was now completed and thanked David Adams

and all others involved in the project for their action in resolving it.   He hopes it will serve

Wouldham proudly for many years.

The Parish Partnership met on the 1st November and the minutes have been circulated.   The

next meeting is planned for the 6th March – 7.30pm at Kings Hill.         


                Action by

7. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: All 11 Members of the public were there in relation to the

issue of Scarborough Lane and whether or not it should be closed.   A spokesperson for the

group stated that they would like it to be closed, with restricted access for residents, farm

vehicles, riders cyclists and walkers.   The speaker put forward a variety of reasons why they

were in favour of closing the road, a summary of which are set out below:

  1. It is a rural lane, with the upper part being particularly attractive, because it is a sunken


  1. The banks & hedgerows have good flora and fauna
  2. It provides a beautiful setting for the listed buildings and the views into the north downs.
  3. Part of the lane abuts the SAC/SSSi site and its mature hedgerows/trees provide an

important buffer.   Wildlife crossing from this area would encounter endless traffic if the

road were to remain open.

  1. The lower end of the road is classified as a bridleway.   The safety of this route would be

lost if it were open to development traffic and rat running from the proposed bridge.                         

important hedgerow.   Rat running traffic will make this crossing hazardous to all PROW users.

  1. Margetts Lane is eventually being offered as a PROW.   It joins Scarborough Lane.   This would

      be the loss of a pleasant circular connecting route with MR15.

  1. The crossing from Mr15 into Scarborough Lane and Margetts Lane is on a blind bend because of

important hedgerows.   Rat running traffic will make this crossing hazardous to all PROW users.

  1. Scarborough Lane is very narrow and totally unsuitable for general traffic.   It’s emergence on

to Pilgrims Way is extremely narrow with a dividing island and limited sightlines making it

very unsafe.

  1. Finally it will be a great loss to all who walk, cycle or ride in this most rural and pleasant area,

      with its views over the valley and the north downs.

Members discussed these arguments and pointed out that Burham Parish Council were also involved,

since it appeared that the boundary between the two parishes, ran down the middle of Scarborough

Lane.   Members were of the opinion that they could not make a decision on whether or not to seek

the closure of Scarborough without first consulting the residents of Wouldham.   Bor. Cllr. Dalton

had indicated a similar approach would be adopted by Burham Parish Council.   It was therefore

AGREED that  the PC would carry out consultation with residents to determine whether to seek             Chairman/

the closure of Scarborough Lane.                                                                                                         Clerk


8. PLANNING: (a) Planning applications considered by the Planning Committee:   

(i)                  Upper Nashenden Farm-Conversion of redundant agricultural buildings

for light industrial use-Revised Elevations: No comments

(ii)                7 High Street-Demolition of side extension & erection of new 2 storey

house-Parking layout for existing and proposed dwellings:No comments

on this aspect but the PC still feel that this development is not in keeping

with the rest of the locality and continue to object to the main proposal

most strongly.

(iii)               Land between the A228 and Peter Hall Road-Proposed bridge-Details of

landscaping: No comments.

 (b) Planning Consents issued:

(i)                  Peters Village-Details of site investigations & remediation strategy

(Condition 8)

(ii)                Peters Village-Details of retention, interpretation & Management

programme for chalk faces.

(iii)               Wouldham C of E School-Amended window and entrance steps to

proposed single storey extension.

                               (c) Planning Applications refused:

There were no applications refused this month.




    Action by

(d) Other Planning Issues:

Access road to rear of High Street: The Clerk confirmed that he

was awaiting the draft scheme from the Engineer for the project.

Peters Pit Development- Liaison Group: The Chairman reported.

that a meeting was being arranged for 10.00am on the 17th

January, 2008.   This meeting would only involve PC’s and

Officers of TMBC.


9. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams reported that he had identified 2 street lights that were

still out in Oldfield Drive.


10. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: General:  Cllr. Head referred to the Spreadsheet and enquired

whether members had any items to add but there were no other issues to be raised.

Cllr. Head also referred to the Traffic Management Scheme that was currently being installed in

the Village and stated that she had expressed the PC’s concerns over the location of the

‘gateway’ that had been installed part way down Knowle Road and the fact that this was on a

dangerous bend with poor visibility, to Kent Highways.   It was understood that they were

having a safety audit carried out and the results of this were awaited.

It was also mentioned that PCSO Honeysett had been putting notices regarding parking, on cars

parking on the verge outside the new houses forming Wouldham Court Farm.   This action

appeared to be proving effective.


11. FOOTPATHS/PROW: General: It was reported that there had been no response from

Trenport so far, regarding the permissive path from Oldfield Drive through to the High Street

and the Clerk undertook to chase the matter up.                                                                                        Clerk

It was AGREED that quotations should be sought for the surfacing of the newly acquired

footpath from Oldfield Drive to the School.  The Chairman, together with Cllrs. Stone and                         Chairman/

Adams undertook to obtain a quote each and report back in due course.                                                   Cllrs Stone & Adams


12. ALLOTMENTS: As referred to under the item Bor. Cllrs. Report, the suggested Flower

and Vegetable Show appeared to be a popular idea and the names of Members from Burham and

Eccles, wishing to serve on the committee had been put forward.


13. RECREATION GROUND: There was nothing to report under this item this month.


14. VILLAGE HALL: The Clerk reported a letter received from the Probation Service asking

if the PC were interested in having decorating works done on the exterior of the VH free of

charge by Community Service workers.   Members discussed the matter and decided they needed

further information before deciding on it.


16. FINANCE: (i) General: The Clerk reported that he had been advised by Zurich Insurance

that the replacement of the Chairman’s insignia could proceed and an order placed.   However,

it was pointed out that the Insurance Company’s liability was for a sum of £1450 with the

consequence that if this matter were to proceed, the PC would be required to contribute £500 to

the provision of this insignia.   Members AGREED that the Clerk should go back to Shaw &

Sons and see if they can reduce the cost to a level of £1450 by modifying the insignia to a lower Clerk


(ii)              Bank Position:

Income this month: £7.18

                                    Current Account: £4,008.65 (less cheques for payment today)

Savings Account: £18,380.95

Building Society Account: £9,724.08                                                                           


                Action by

(iii) Accounts for Payment:                                                                                                   


  Cheque No





Three Towns

Purchase of storage envelopes for files.



EDF Energy

Street Lighting - Electricity supply: December, 2007




Stationery supplies



South East Water

Water supply to allotments



M J Ross

Sal: 750.00; Rent: 125.00; Exp: 29.12; Imp: 12.04



J Harmer

Litter Duties-December, 2007



South East Water

Water supply to Village Hall



Aylesford Electrical Contractors Ltd.

Repairs to VH Heaters



Veolia Environmental Services

Waste Removal from VH for November, 2007



Brachers Solicitors

Legal charges - services in connection with Litigation


      All the above accounts were approved for payment.

                        (iv) Grants: The Clerk reported that he had received official notification that

                               KCC Local Board had approved the Local Members Grant via County

                               Geoff Rowe, for £2000, which was to be for the surfacing of the path

                               from Oldfield Drive to the School.

                        (v) Precept Meeting: Members AGREED that the Precept meeting should be

                               held at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 15th January, 2008, in the Village Hall.


16 SPECIAL REPORTS:  (a) Village Sign: The Chairman reported that enquiries of

Development Control at TMBC had revealed that the PC must submit a photo, together with

details of the height, and other relevant dimensions of the Village sign, together with a plan

showing its precise location in the green opposite the shop and they will examine these

details and advise the PC as to whether or not planning consent should be obtained.

A plaque indicating the date that the sign was erected together with recognition of its

construction was AGREED by Members and the Clerk undertook to ascertain cost, etc.                           Clerk

                                             (b)Church News & Letter: Various subjects were agreed for

inclusion in the Parish News, including reiterating the problems with fly tipping, footpath

parking and vacancies on the PC.   It was also suggested that reference should be made to the                   Clerk

fact that there is the possibility that Scarborough Lane and Margetts Lane might be closed and

the PC are currently considering the matter.


17.  CORRESPONDENCE:  The list of letters and other correspondence received during the

month was circulated to Members on the e-mail, so that any Member could request sight of any

particular item that they wished to read.


18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be on the 15th January, 2008, when

Members meet to discuss the Precept for 2008/2009.   The normal monthly meeting of the PC

will take place on the 5th February, 2008.


19. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Adams enquired about the Youth facility

in the Village and was advised that the possibility of providing a new Community Centre had

superceded this as it was hoped to establish a programme of development when the matter had

progressed a bit further.

Cllr. Head stated that she proposed to arrange for the notice Board in Knowle Road, by

Cornwall Crescent, to be replaced with one that had been held in store at Cllr. Stone’s property.

She also queried whether Members felt that the replacement board should face inward rather

as at present when it faced out on to the road.                                                                                            Action by

Cllr. Stone asked about the storage currently held at Burham and when this was likely

to be brought to Wouldham to be stored in the cellar of the VH, once sorted.  The

Chairman stated that it was hoped to undertake this in the very near future.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.30pm


Signed as a correct record of the proceedings



date: 5th February, 2008.                                                          Chairman:………………………

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