PRESENT:                   Mr. K Malkinson (Chairman), Mr. D Adams,  Mrs J Head, Ms A Parnell

and Mr R Stone.  


IN ATTENDANCE:   Mr D Davis (Borough Councillor)

                                    PCSO Honeysett (Police)

Mr. M J Ross (Clerk)


THE PUBLIC:              There were 3 Members of the public present.                                                            Action by


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Giles, Fulwell and

Bor. Cllr. Dalton.

The Clerk pointed out to Members that Cllr. Giles had not attended a Parish Council meeting for 6

months and therefore, under Section 85 of the Local Government Act, 1972, he ceased to be a member of

the Parish Council.   The Clerk confirmed that he would advise the Monitoring Officer of TMBC of this

fact and confirm that there is a further casual vacancy on the PC, thus making a total of 3 vacancies

currently.   Members AGREED to this course of action. 


2. MINUTES:  The minutes of the monthly meeting  of the Parish Council, held on the 2nd October,

2007, were proposed by Cllr. Adams and seconded by Cllr. Stone, to be a true record of the proceedings

of the Parish Council, and it was AGREED that they be signed by the Chairman.


3. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Members AGREED that matters arising from the

minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading as the meeting progressed through the



4. POLICE REPORT: In the absence of a Police Officer, PCSO Honeysett reported the crime figures

for the past 2 months.   During this period there were 11 crimes reported.   Some of these crimes were

currently being investigated and they ranged from attempted burglary to theft of a MV and criminal


PCSO Honeysett also stated that she had not realized that Laker Road, Rochester came within the

boundary of the Parish and consequently she had a separate set of crime figures for that locality.  In this

instance 8 crimes had been reported for this area ranging from theft of a MV, interfering with a vehicle

and assault.

The parking on the pavement at the Wouldham Court Farm development was continuing to occur and it

was suggested that PCSO Honeysett should, where appropriate, leave a note on the windscreens of any

cars illegally parked on the pavement, pointing out the fact that they are illegally parked.   This course of

action was AGREED by Members.

Cllr. Stone made reference to fireworks that had been let off in the vicinity of School Lane which had

caused problems and enquired whether the reported situation had been actioned.  PCSO Honeysett was

unaware of the situation and undertook to investigate


5. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT: Borough Cllr. Davis reported that fly tipping

that had taken place at Hill Road, had been cleared by TMBC but there still remained a degree

of litter. He was in discussion on possible actions with Dennis Gardner of TMBC with particular

reference to possible ways of making the area less accessible for fly tipping.   Members

AGREED that an item should be included in the Church News regarding

this and asking members of the public to phone in reporting any fly tipping observed.

With regard to the adoption of Oldfield Drive, Bor. Cllr. Dalton had consulted with KHS and

EDF Energy but there had been no progress to date.   Members AGREED that letters should be     Action by

sent to Malcolm Appleby of KHS and EDF Energy inviting them to a PC Meeting to explain 

Clerk why there has been such a delay in progressing this matter and try to determine actions

 that need to be taken to bring this matter to a conclusion.

The planning application from Trenport for Condition 26 is to be considered by Area 3 Planning

Committee at their next meeting and a petition for soft surfaces for the Greenway has been

submitted by local horse riders.

Cllr. Head enquired whether it was legal create a wooded area from an agricultural field.


6. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT: The Clerk advised members that he had not

received any report from County Cllr. Rowe.


7. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: A member of the public asked who was responsible for

installing the kissing gate on MR6 since she felt it was difficult  for persons with pushchairs to

get through.   The Chairman confirmed the PC had installed the gate and were satisfied that it

allowed access to all wishing to use the footpath.

Another member of the public referred to the fact that some of the street furniture had been

damaged and knocked over and Cllr. Head confirmed that this would be recorded on the next

spreadsheet for submission to WKH.

The need for another bollard on the approach to the Riverfront was also raised and Cllr. Head            Cllr. Head

also stated that she would take this matter up with TMBC.


8.  PLANNING: (a) Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning


(i)                        Peters Pit & Works – Proposed new Village-Details of site

                     investigations and remediation strategy (Condition 8)-Revised

                     cycleway, footway and bridleway strategy:  No further comments

                     other than those already submitted

(ii)                      Peters Village-Details of retention, interpretation & management

                     programme for chalk faces: No comments

(iii)                     7 High Street-Demolition of side extension & erection of new

               2 storey house with off street parking: The PC identified that

               Policy P6/1of the Local Plan, quoted by the applicant, does not

               apply to Wouldham and there are also concerns over the proximity of

                    various windows to the communal alleyway which serves the other

                    properties including the Village Hall (fire escape).   The PC therefore

                    consider that rather than enhancing the area, the proposal would

                    remove the individuality of the terrace.

(b) Planning Consents issued:


(i)                        181 High Street-Loft conversion rear dormers & porch.

(ii)                      Land between A228 & Hall Road-Bridge Crossing-Detail of external


(c) Planning Applications refused:

There were no applications refused this month.

(d) Other Planning Issues:

Access road to rear of High Street: The Clerk reported that the PC

were awaiting the results of the application to the KCC Local Board

for a grant towards the fees for the design and planning application.

It was unlikely the result of the application would be known before

January, 2008 Peters Pit Development- Liaison Group: The

Chairman reported that arrangements were trying to be made to

meet on the 23rd November.


                                                                                                                                                      Action by

9. STREET LIGHTING: Cllr. Adams reported that he had carried out a survey of the Oldfield

Drive area and had established that there were 3 lights out.   There was also a light out in Hall



10. HIGHWAYS & VERGES: General: Cllr. Head referred to the monthly spreadsheet that      Cllr. Head

was submitted to WKH  and asked if there were any other issues to be added for this month.


11. FOOTPATHS/PROW: General: Cllr. Head referred to the fact that a Land Rover was

seen driving up MR6 and asked if this was allowable.   It was suggested that the issue be taken

up with the PROW Office at KCC.                                                                                                Cllr. Head


12. ALLOTMENTS: The Chairman reported that Andy Fizzani had resigned as Chairman of

the Allotment Association.   Andy Marr had been appointed as Chairman for the time being.

Cllr. Parnell raised the issue of plots that had been let but were not being cultivated and

consequently were left in an untidy state.   It was felt that unless the allotments were shown to

be well used and maintained in a neat condition, the land may well be lost for development.

It was AGREED that the temporary Chairman be advised that there was a need to ensure the

proper maintenance of the allotments.   It was also AGREED that the Clerk should seek the            Clerk

views of TMBC on registering the land as allotments on the Local Plan to ensure they remain

allotments for all time.


13. RECREATION GROUND: The Clerk reported that he had been in touch with John

Fletcher of the Medway Inn regarding his proposals for establishing a garden area within part of

the Recreation Ground car park.   It was suggested that a site meeting should take place on

Saturday 10th November at 1.0pm when all members who would be able to attend at this time

should be present to hear Mr. Fletcher’s proposals.   This was AGREED.        


14. VILLAGE HALL: The Clerk reported that he had received a response from Lafarge

Cement regarding the restrictive covenant on the Village Hall.   They were happy to allow the

release of the PC from this covenant subject to certain safeguards.   They had provided details of

the Company’s Solicitors and suggested that the PC arrange for their Solicitors to contact them

with a view to progressing the matter.   Since this was a fairly straightforward matter, Members

AGREED that the Clerk should seek the services of a local Solicitor who could deal with this          Clerk

matter and would not be too expensive.

Members also AGREED that a meeting of the VH Management Committee should be arranged

and to this end, the Clerk make contact with all the users of the VH with a view to them                  Clerk

attending a meeting.   In view of  Cllr. Stone,(Chairman of the Management Committee) being

absent, the meeting should be arranged for a date after the 23rd November.


16. FINANCE: (i) General: The Clerk advised Members that as from the 1st October, 2007,

the minimum wage was £5.52 per hour. 

The Clerk also referred to the fact that he had now obtained a quotation from Shaw & Sons for

the replacement of the Chairman’s insignia which had been stolen from the Clerk’s house

when it had been burgled.   The quotation amounted to £1950 plus VAT and members

AGREED that the Clerk should proceed to submit this to the PC’s insurers with a view to               Clerk

obtaining clearance to placing an order for the replacement of the insignia.

(ii)              Bank Position:

Income this month: Nil

                                    Current Account: £7490.05 (less cheques for payment today)

Savings Account: £18,380.95



Building Society Account: £9,724.08                                                                           

(iii) Accounts for Payment:

Cheque No








Royal British Legion

Remembrance Sunday Wreath & Donation



EDF Energy

Street Lighting–Electricity supply October, 2007




Fees for further action



K Malkinson

Reimbursement for litter pickers purchased



M J Ross

Sal: 750.00; Rent: 150.00; Exp: 20.80; Imp: 12.04



J Harmer

Litter duties – October, 2007.












          Total to be authorised today:
















All the above accounts were approved for payment.     


(iii)                Grants: Cllr. Adams undertook to approach County Cllr. Rowe in regard

to the KCC Local Members Grant which was to be for clearing and providing a surface for the

newly acquired strip of land by the school, together with such works as are necessary to provide

adequate ornamental vegetation along it.                                                                                          Cllr. Adams


16 SPECIAL REPORTS:  (a) Village Sign: Cllr. Adams advised Members that, in order to

progress matters with regard to the junior signs, he had taken on himself to place the signs at

either end of the village in locations approximate to those discussed by Members at their last

meeting.   He had sited these high up in order to try and avoid vandalism, on telegraph poles

near the Church and by Cornwall Crescent.

                                             (b)Church News & Letter: Various subjects were agreed for

inclusion in the Parish News, including the fact that children from the school had participated

in the planting of bluebells on the Common, the crime figure reported by the Police and it was

also suggested that local people would be interested to hear that Rita Martin’s dog ‘Peg’ was           Clerk

now living with her granddaughter.


17.  CORRESPONDENCE:  The list of letters and other correspondence received during the

month was circulated to Members on the e-mail, so that any Member could request sight of any

particular item that they wished to read.


18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be on the 4th December,  2007.

As this meeting would be the last before the Christmas break, Members AGREED that a

small buffet be provided at the Medway Inn, on similar lines to that provided last year.


19. COUNCILLORS/CHAIRMAN/CLERK: Cllr. Head raised the matter of Disabled

parking bays and was suggesting to KCC that a review of the current allocation be carried


Cllr. Stone referred to the RBL Poppy Appeal and confirmed that within the Village there

were a number of sources for donating to this with Poppies in the pubs and the shop, apart

from Stella Stevenson’s normal action in this respect.

Cllr. Adams stated that he felt the parking provision in the planning application for 7 High

Street was inadequate and also enquired about the Church Car Park that was proposed and

would this be available to the public.  It was confirmed that this would not be available for

public use.


                                                                                                                                                      Action by

The final point raised by Cllr. Adams was in regard to Knowle Pit and the progress in

negotiations to acquire this for the PC.   The Chairman stated that he was chasing Mike

Bax who was reporting the matter to the Maths School

Discussion also took place on the proposed access road issue and the outcome was that

the PC would place an order with Martin Hunt to develop the scheme and the PC would

continue to attempt to obtain a grant but this could not be allowed to hold the matter up.                  Clerk

The Chairman referred to the fact that Roman remains found locally, were the subject of a

report and Trenport would be sending a copy to the PC in due course.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.40pm


Signed as a correct record of the proceedings


Date: 4th December, 2007.                                                       Chairman:………………………

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