Present:         Cllr K Malkinson (Chairman)

Cllrs D Adams,K Craib, T Fulwell, J Head, A Parnell,j D Parris and R Stone

                   Mrs S Egglesden (Clerk)

In Attendance:

Borough Councillors R Dalton and D Davis

County Councillor P Homewood

PC J Wilkinson and PCSO J Stoner

Community Warden D Leipnik









There were no apologies.







The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 5th April 2011 were proposed by Cllr Adams and seconded by Cllr Parnell, to be a true record of proceedings and it was agreed that they be signed by the Chairman.







Members agreed that any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda. 







The Clerk advised Councillors that she sought clarification from the Chief Solicitor at TMBC regarding declarations of interest and it was in fact incorrect for a Councillor to declare a declaration at every meeting in case of an area of their interest was discussed as Cllrs Head and Malkinson had been doing. A declaration should only be declared if a Councillor knows an area of personal and prejudicial interest is going to be discussed at the meeting or a councillor could declare an interest at any point in the meeting if they felt the discussion then turned to an item which related to an interest.


There were no declarations of interest.







The police report had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. The theft of the motorbike and quad bike might be connected to an off road vehicle report received from a resident. The Clerk had passed on an email from a resident regarding quad bikes driving in the village and PCSO Stoner had spoken with the resident concerned. The Off Road Bike Team would be coming to Wouldham as well as Burham to investigate further. Residents should report all incidents to assist the Police. The non-emergency no. is 01622 690690. Cllr Fulwell asked if off road vehicles had to be legal to drive along Hill Road. PCSO Stoner confirmed that they do, as this is a byway.


Cllr Adams asked about the photocopier incident at the school. PC Wilkinson confirmed that this is being dealt with further up the line and fraud crimes are not reported on the monthly crime sheet.


Cllr Malkinson asked for an update on the Parish Council’s enquiry last month into the parking at Rectory Close and speeding in the High Street. PC Wilkinson confirmed that she has raised this with Fire Brigade. Due to restricted access in many residential areas, they now carried longer hoses. PCSO Stoner reported that speed checks in the High Street had been carried out and the perception of speed is probably faster than it actually is as they found only 2 vehicles travelling at over 30mph.


PC Wilkinson announced that she is moving on to a new post. PC Steve Grantham will be taking over from her from next week. The Chairman thanked PC Wilkinson for her work in the village.


CW Liepnik reported on the success of the dog show in Wouldham last month with around 100 attendees. 17 dogs were micro-chipped. TMBC would not be running this event next year and it was suggested that this might be something that the Parish Council would consider running. The Chairman agreed that the Parish Council could look at the costs for this event if the village wanted this event. Cllr Craib suggested that a future event might be held at the weekend as this might increase attendance further. School children in the village with pet dogs were handed out leaflets on dog care and a waste bag.


CW Liepnik has attended the athletics club at the school which started last week. The School Council have invited him to go the Houses of Parliament with them in June. CW Liepnik reported on the positive relationship between the school, PCSO Stoner and himself, which was good for the village.


Cllr Dalton thanked PC Wilkinson on behalf of Burham Parish Council.


PC Wilkinson, PCSO Stoner and CW Leipnik left the meeting at 8pm.













Cllr Dalton reported that both himself and Cllr Davis had been elected as Borough Councillors for a further 4 years. He passed on his congratulations to Cllrs Fulwell, Oxberry and Mountfield for their campaign efforts. The Chairman congratulated both Cllrs Dalton and Davis on their return as Borough Councillors for the village.


Cllr Dalton reported that Planning Enforcements had been notified on an alleged unauthorised side extension at 115 High Street. Cllr Dalton read out their response confirming that after investigation, enforcements had confirmed that there was not any breach of planning control and no further action would be taken.


Cllr Davis suggested that the Parish Council consider reporting on the Quad bike incidents in the Parish Magazine and the action for residents to take. When campaigning in the village, it has come to light there was a problem with the pathway being cleared between 75 to 113 High Street and a dead silver birch on the village green, which has now been reported to KHS.







Cllr Homewood informed the Parish Council that he still has his funding for 2011-12 year: £10,000 Members Grant, split between the 4 villages and £65,000 Highways Grant. So far he had received an application from Carol Adams for the Brownies and Guides for £1000. The Chairman had emailed Cllr Homewood with a request for grant money for £5000 for estate railings for Wouldham Common and £5000 for the engineering plans for the access road. Cllr Homewood asked the Chairman for the email to be forwarded to him again copying in Pavinder Jutte at KHS. Cllr Homewood thought that both of these projects might be applicable to the Highways grant.


Cllr Fulwell advised that he had received a request from a resident regarding making the entrance to Cornwall Crescent broader to allow refuge lorries to turn out of the road without cutting across the verge. The Chairman and Cllr Head recalled a meeting several years back with Terry Drury, KHS including involvement with Karole Reynolds at TMBC regarding this. It was agreed that the Clerk would email the information on this to Cllr Homewood for further investigation.


Cllr Craib advised that the Parish Council that she is interested in starting a youth café and was looking for funding for this. Cllr Homewood requested that Cllr Craib contact him direct regarding this issue. It was agreed the Clerk would forward Cllr Homewood’s contact details to Cllr Craib.





























No members of public present.







Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning Committee: TM/11/00887/FL – conversion and extension of existing garage to provide additional living and storage accommodation. Extension of existing driveway and painting of external plot. Creation of new gated entrance to the new landscaped plot adjoining the house (Revisions to plans approved under TM/10/03280/FL) at 1 Trafalgar Close, Wouldham – No objections

Planning consents issued: None to report

Planning applications refused: None to report

Other Planning Issues: Nothing to report.














Cllr Adams did not have any new streetlight issues to report this month.









KHS have not carried out the village verges cut yet. Cllr Adams advised that School Lane is in need of a cut and it was agreed that the Clerk would contact KHS advising also that the sight lines at the top of School Lane required cutting too.












PROW work on MR1, due to take place this month was discussed. The Clerk confirmed that PROW would be supervising the initial work to ensure the footpath is in the right place. The handrail on the first section of steps going up the hill on the Black Robin footpath has become disconnected. The handrail has gone missing on footpath MR179 by the traffic calming. It was agreed the Clerk would report these to PROW.












The Chairman reported that he had asked Andy Marr to speak to the allotment holders regarding bonfires as they are suppose to incinerate rubbish and not have fires as agreed in the allotment rules.


Cllr Homewood left the meeting at 8.20 pm








The Chairman had obtained a quote for estate railings for £57 per metre (approximately 80 metres required). The kissing gate is £560. The railings would be welded together and concreted in. This information would be passed onto Cllr Homewood in relation to a grant.










Cllr Stone reported that the Village Hall Steering Group meeting had taken place last week with Architect Martin Hunt regarding the preparation of the drawings. A note had been circulated prior to this meeting. Cllr Head asked if the Parish Council would be consulted on the plans, as this had not been clear in the note. Cllr Stone confirmed that the Parish Council would be consulted and explained that at this stage the drawings were in order to obtain full planning permission and once in place, the Parish Council would be looking at the detail required within the hall. Without planning permission the Parish Council cannot look into funding and the funding obtained, to a certain extent would dictate the hall size, interior, build style etc. Cllr Head asked if there will be an open day and Cllr Stone confirmed that this had been suggested and would be looked at once the permission is in place and we have an idea of the budget available for the project. Cllr Parris suggested that holding a weekly doctors surgery in the new hall might be way of raising funds, although Cllr Parnell felt the regulations are very strict regarding this.







The Chairman reported that a resident had commented on the grass not being cut on the recreation ground. The Parish Council is in discussion with the contractor regarding this.


Cllr Parris asked about the swing seat being repaired and the Clerk confirmed that Fawns are coming on 17.5.11 to start the agreed work from the ROSPA report, which includes the swing seat. This work is being funded by the commuted sum from the 106 agreement.


Cllr Fulwell requested that the Parish Council look into providing a teenage roundabout on the recreation ground. It was agreed that if the Parish Council is not using money from the Members Grant on the other projects, they could ask Cllr Homewood for funding for this. It was also agreed that the adult fitness equipment was successful and the Parish Council should look for funding for 3 further pieces of equipment.




















Annual Return – The Annual Return for audit had been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting. The Chairman requested Councillors agreement for the Chairman and Clerk to sign the return. Cllr Fulwell advised that could not agree to his name being against the signing off of the Annual Return as the internal audit part did not look into whether 3 quotes had been obtained for work over £5000. After a discussion, all other councillors, apart from Cllr Fulwell, agreed to the Annual Return being signed.


Cllr Craib asked about the Parish Council’s rules for obtaining quotes and the Chairman briefly explained that the Parish Council is governed by its Standing Orders and Financial regulations, both of which Cllr Craib had received.


PAYE/HMRC – Following the accounts being looked at by the accountant for the end of year, the accountant had advised that the Clerk’s expenses should be subject to tax and NI. The Clerk had therefore raised a cheque for £1090.55 for extra amount due, to be paid by 19th May 2011. The employees NI had been deducted from the Clerks salary this month. The tax was to be looked at with the accountant in order to apply for a refund for the expenses, with any remaining outstanding tax to be paid back to the Council through PAYE. Once this has been sorted out, the cost to the Parish Council is the employers NI, £318.68. The Clerk requested Councillors agreement for her to consult with the accountant again regarding this and the P11D for the tax element on the petrol allowance. The cost involved would be £150 for this year, although the Clerk hoped to be able to complete this herself for the following year once this has been set up. Councillors were all in agreement to this.


Cllr Head asked if the Clerk could be self employed and the Clerk explained that this was not possible as, according to HMRC new ruling, all Clerks now had to be paid through PAYE.


Financial Statement – April 2011: This had been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting. The Chairman verified and signed the bank statement.


Bank Position as at 28/04/11

Current Account £100.00

Reserve Account £29,385.16

Building Society £10,290.50


Income for April 2011



Nationwide Account




Natwest Account




J Head

Allotment Rent



Allotment Assoc.

Allotment Rent




Precept – 1st instalment


Cheques signed:



P Stacey

Electrical work – V. Hall



Sarah Egglesden

Salary & Expenses – April 11



J Harmer

Litter Duties – Apr 11



HM Rev & Customs

Tax & NI – April 11




Clerks Conference / Good Councillor Guide x 8



Lloyd Hunt Assoc.

Interim payment – V. Hall plans




Unmetered streetlighting




End of year accounts



HM Revenue & Customs

2010-11 – Tax & NI



The following cheques were signed for the Village Hall Management Committee:



Absolute Pest Control

Quarterly inspection – Jan/Mar 11



J Harmer

Village Hall Duties – Apr 11



Gary Hutchings

Carpenter – V. hall repairs



Sarah Egglesden

Reimbursement – keys and padlock for V. Hall































Items for the Church Newsletter – It was agreed to report on the Police report, the dog show success, the new village hall and the photographic exhibition.


Cllr Parnell






CORRESPONDENCE LIST: The list of correspondence received and letters sent during the last month had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting.








DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th June 2011 at 7.30 pm.






Cllr Parnell asked Cllr Craib to explain her ideas for a youth café. Cllr Craib explained that her current job involves working with young people and she is aware that the village lacks youth facilities and would initially like to speak to the youth in the village to find out what they want. Her aim would be to provide café facilities, to be run by youngsters with supervision with pool facilities, video games etc and get in visiting agencies to provide talks. It would be a non-profit making facility. Councillors expressed interest in Cllr Craib’s idea as the Parish Council is keen to look into Youth ideas for the village. Currently, the Parish Council has been trying to resurrect the Youth Bus in the village and get it promoted so youngsters are actually aware of this facility. The Chairman suggested that Cllr Craib puts something together to email round to Councillors and then the Parish Council can see if there are any area’s it could offer help with.


Cllr Craib left the meeting at 9.05pm.


Cllr Parnell asked if the Parish Council could look into providing a bench outside Winchester House by the bus stop. It was agreed to discuss this with KHS to see if it is viable to put a bench here first due to the restrictive width of the pavement. If this is not suitable, then to approach Winchester House to see if a bench could be put inside their gateway area.


Cllr Parris asked for it to be minuted that she disapproved of the Chairman asking former Councillor, Ken Savage to withdraw his nomination papers. Cllr Stone explained that K. Savage had initially wanted to resign from the Parish Council due to personal issues but had been persuaded to stay on, as he could legally be absent from attending meetings for up to 6 months. In the event of their being an election, K. Savage had been spoken with the Chairman and had offered to withdraw his nomination in order to save the Parish the cost of an election.


Cllr Adams asked about the progress with the Youth Bus. The Clerk advised that she had left several messages for the organiser of the bus but her calls had not been returned. Councillors thought that due to Cllr Craib’s job, she might be able to assist with the Parish Council with finding more about the Youth Bus returning to the village.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.10 pm.













Cllr Craib

















Clerk/Cllr Craib



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