TUESDAY 4th MAY 2010 AT 7.30PM



Present:         Cllr K Malkinson (Chairman)

Cllrs D Adams, T Fulwell, J Head, j A Parnell, K Savage and R Stone

                   Mrs S Egglesden (Clerk)

In Attendance: PCSO A Newby and PC Wilkinson

Community Warden D Leipnik










Apologies were received from Borough Councillors Dalton and Davis.







The minutes of the meeting held on the 6th April 2010 were proposed by Cllr Stone and seconded by Cllr Adams, to be a true record of proceedings and it was agreed that they be signed by the Chairman. Cllr Head asked for it to be noted that she wished to abstain from agreeing to the minutes in respect of item 21, the third paragraph on pages 5 and 6, as she did not agree to Chairman attending further Maths School Meetings if he had a personal and prejudicial interest in matters to be discussed.







Members agreed that any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda. 







Cllr Head declares a prejudicial interest in any issue that arose relating to grounds maintenance work within the parish. She also declared a personal interest in items relating to the Tramway and the Allotments.







The police report had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. PCSO Newby went through it, reporting on 2 crimes for last month. A further engagement day has been arranged for the 29th May and a leaflet drop has been done in the village for this. Following on from last month’s report of anti-social behaviour by Members of the Public, the police have been patrolling this area.


PCSO Newby advised the Parish Council that he would be retiring from 20 May 2010. The Chairman thanked PCSO Newby for his work in the village, advising that the Parish Council had written in support of PCSO Newby staying. The Parish Council had heard from the Chief Inspector that a new PCSO would be taking PCSO Newby’s place.


Community Warden Leipnik reported: -


·         The police motorbike team visited Wouldham Primary School to give a talk on road safety.

·         Criminal damage was reported by off road bikes to fencing along Knowle Road on the edge of Peter’s Pit (Trenport land) causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. The Pit is a triple SI site – site of special science interest.

·         He attended a Clean Kent meeting where it was reported that building rubble is being dumped in the area

·         He reported on the theft of charity bags in Eccles and he requested that this is reported in the Church magazine.


As there were no further questions, PCSO Newby, PC Wilkinson and Community Warden Leipnik left the meeting at 8pm.



































There was no Borough Councillor’s report.






There was no County Councillor’s report.










There were no members of public at the meeting.









Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning Committee:

TM/10/00798/AT – Erection of a Church Notice Board at All Saints Church, High Street, Wouldham – No objections

(a)                Planning consents issued:

TM/10/00429/FL – Single storey side and rear extension, loft conversion and associated front dormer and construction of front balcony at 14 Trafalgar Close – Granted Permission.

Further revised plans had been received on this application for information only.

(b)                Planning applications refused: None to report


Other Planning Issues: Cllr Head reported that the Planning system was not working, as the Chairman’s comments on applications were not being received in good time and other Committee members were not copying in all of the Planning Committee when commenting on applications. The Chairman agreed to arrange for his comments to be forwarded to the Committee earlier and all members agreed to copy in all other Committee members and the Clerk in their comments to ensure the system is a success.


























Planning Committee Members






Cllr Adams reported that there were not any street lighting problems this month.







The Chairman asked Councillors to continue to report any problems to the Clerk, especially potholes. Potholes in Hall Road and one in Knowle Road had been reported to the Clerk to report to KHS.


Cllr Head reported that the junction sign in Knowle Road/Pilgrims Way is missing with just the pole there and that Highways have taken away the road sign in School Lane which was reported several months back. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact KHS.


Cllr Head also requested that the Clerk contact Highways to ask for an early cut on the village’s verges in School Lane and Knowle Road, and request that it is done to our usual standard.


The Clerk reported that she had received an online survey to complete for KHS regarding winter maintenance and asked councillors if they had any comments to make. Cllr Head asked about the request for a salt bin in School Lane. The Clerk advised that she had chased this up with KHS today. Cllr Head also asked if all the sand could be removed from existing salt boxes and replaced with salt? It was agreed that the Clerk would report this to KHS.


Cllr Fulwell asked for an update on the plans for the corner of Cornwall Crescent. The Chairman reported that following a letter received from Karole Reynolds at TMBC last month, a decision has been made not to put yellow lines here, but any further proposals are on hold due to funding.

It was reported that the traffic calming posts as you enter the village have been painted but not the ones in the village as you should be travelling at a reduced speed here, as agreed in the Final Safety Audit report.

























Cllr Head reported that footpaths 6 and 9 have been cut. The Chairman reported that following a meeting with David Munn, PROW, he had agreed to the resurfacing on Hill Road. Cars/Quad bikes travelling along the Black Robin footpath were discussed again. It was agreed to wait and see if the problem continues.


Cllr Parnell asked if railings were going to be put up by the footpath at the back of the Church near the start of Community Trail route 1 by the river? Cllr Stone advised that this was not the case, but a fence/hedge is planned for the start of route 1 in order to define the footpath and keep walker off the farmer’s field.


An update on Valley of Visions Community Trail was given:

·         a meeting had been held with the leaflet design team last month and any historical information should be passed to the Clerk to assist with the leaflet design

·         quotes were being obtained for further clearance by the sculpture location and the fence on the start of route 1

·         A meeting was being held this week with an Interpretation Panel design Company

·         Jo Savage has been assisting with artwork for the interpretation panels and the trail leaflet.









The Chairman reported that the allotment holder with the 6ft high fence had now cut it down to 1 m high. Andy Marr joined the meeting at 8.35 pm. He reported that following the Clerk’s email on Beekeeping, no-one has come back to him as yet, but he agreed that we needed to look into this further as certain restrictions would need to be put in place. Andy Marr asked what the Parish Council would like him to do about the water pipe extension to the allotment plot discussed at last months meeting? It was agreed that he should write to the allotment holder, on instruction from Wouldham Parish Council, asking them to disconnect the pipe as it is outside the rules and they did not have permission. Andy Marr reported that they currently have 1 half plot and 1-quarter plot vacant. He has instructed all allotment holders to be careful with using water this year or else the increased water charges will have to be reflected in the rent. Andy Marr left the meeting at 8.45 pm.















Cllr Head advised that EDF might not go ahead with cable route due to lack of funding. This would mean a loss of £1000 to the Parish Council for the easement. However, we are still waiting to receive £2000 grant from the Landfill Tax. Further clearance will have to be decided once we know whether the easement is going ahead or not.









Cllr Stone reported a problem with a patch of flooring where the varnish has lifted. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact the man who carried out the work in the first instance. Cllr Adams suggested that a cleaning implement for clearing cobwebs on the ceiling is purchased. The Clerk would look into this. Cllr Stone advised that a further Management Committee meeting would be arranged in due course.









The Chairman advised that a grant has been found which would be suitable for the Parish Council to apply for in respect of the outdoor fitness equipment. All Councillors agreed to apply for a grant of £7,500, so that match funding is not required. The Clerk has one quote and is currently seeking a second quotation and will complete the grant form, due in by 14 May 2010. Once the grant has been agreed the Council can look in more detail at exactly which type of equipment would be suitable for the recreation ground within the budget.


Cllr Head reported that the free KM tree had been planted in the bottom corner of the recreation ground and lasted 9 days before it disappeared.


Cllr Head reported that the picnic bench by the Tramway needs 2 replacement slats. It was agreed that the Clerk would ask Dennis Worcester to repair this.


Cllr Head reported that she had received complaints about people grooming dogs on the recreation ground and leaving behind large piles of fluff. The Parish Councils Litter Warden was concerned that people might think this is litter and she is not doing her job properly. As the Chairman knows the people concerned, he agreed to speak with them.



























General: Nothing to report.


Financial Statement – April 2010: This had been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting. The Chairman verified and signed the bank statement


Bank Position as at 30/04/10

Account £100.00

Reserve Account £30,642.24

Building Society £10,289.47


Income for April 2010


08/04/10 Allotment Rent – Allotment Assoc. £360.00

08/04/10 Allotment Rent – Headland £369.00

21/04/10 Vat Return £1499.00

22/04/10 TMBC – 1st Instalment /Precept £11871.00

Accounts for Payment:


Direct EDF Energy Street Lighting – April. 2010 £52.82

2515 Sarah Egglesden Salary/Expenses £1066.97

2516 J Harmer Litter Duties – April 2010 £201.07

2517 HM Rev & Customs NI/PAYE £188.34

2518 N Ford VOV – Clearance work £4850.00

2519 Came & Company AP – Insurance £25.00

2520 Mrs B J Earl Internal Audit £30.00

2521 Arkadia End of year Accounts £152.75


The following cheques were signed for the Village Hall Management Committee:


100626 J Harmer Village Hall Duties – April 2010 £200.00


Annual Return for Audit: The end of year accounts had been completed by Arkadia Chartered Accountants and had produced the figures for section 1 of the audit form. The internal audit had been completed. Cllr Head asked why Mrs Barbara Earl had been chosen for the internal audit? The Clerk advised that ex-clerks, along with ex-councillors, are allowed to complete internal audits as they have knowledge of the Parish Council systems. The cost to the Parish Council was less that using an Internal auditor recommended by KALC.


Sections 1 (Annual Accounting Statement), section 2(Annual Governance Statement) and section 4 (Annual Internal Audit Report) had all been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting along with the year end accounts and the clerks answers to follow up information required. Councillors agreed that they were happy for the Chairman and Clerk to sign the Annual return for 2009/10 and this was duly signed. The Clerk would then forward the return to the Audit Commission.


Grants: The Chairman asked Councillors if they were in agreement for the Parish Council to apply for a further Members Grant this year, in the region of £2000, for the refurbishment of the Teen Shelter, as the Parish Council was unsuccessful with its application last year due to submitting 2 applications in one year. All Councillors agreed that they were happy for the Clerk to complete an application for this.


























































Items for the Church Newsletter – Cllr Parnell agreed to mention about the tree that disappeared from the recreation ground after planting.





Cllr Parnell





CORRESPONDENCE LIST: The list of correspondence received and letters sent during the last month had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. 







DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st June 2010 at 7.30 pm.







Cllr Fulwell asked for it to be noted that he was disappointed that an item that he had requested for this months agenda has been discussed at last months meeting.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.25pm.











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