Present:         Cllr K Malkinson (Chairman)

Cllrs D Adams, K Craib, T Fulwell, J Head, A Parnell and j D Parris

                   Mrs S Egglesden (Clerk)

In Attendance:

Borough Councillor R Dalton

PC S Grantham

Community Warden D Leipnik









Apologies were received from Borough Councillor Davis and PC Grantham.







The minutes of the Parish Council monthly meeting held on the 7th June were proposed by Cllr Adams and seconded by Cllr Parnell to be a true record of proceedings. It was agreed that the Chairman should therefore sign the minutes.







Members agreed that any matters arising from the minutes would be dealt with under the appropriate heading, as the meeting progressed through the agenda. 







There were no declarations of interest.







The police report had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. PC Grantham introduced himself. Cllr Adams asked if there was any progress on the fraud case at the school and PC Grantham agreed to get back to the Council with an update.


CW Liepnik reported on: -

·         New ‘dog poo fairy’ signs had been put up in the village.

·         An abandoned cycle in School Lane had been returned to its owner.

·         Fly-tipping incidents in Hall Road, followed up by Cleaner Kent and by the river from a property in Nelson Road that had been removed when CW Liepnik investigated further.

·         Working with the school and a trip to the Houses of Parliament.

·         The school arranged a tea party event for elderly village residents

·         Parking issues on double yellow lines which CW Liepnik will take up with the various agents involved.


PC Grantham advised the Parish Council that Wouldham Common was in a sorry state with regard to litter and he had arranged for Cleaner Kent to clear this up. The rubbish issue was discussed on the Common, as TMBC cannot get a vehicle there. CW Liepnik agreed to investigate into getting a litter sign put up here. He would also approach the Headteacher at the School, as the Children may be able to design a sign. It was agreed that it is down to the community to keep this area litter free.


The Chairman reported that residents had been complaining about dustbins being left on the pavement causing an obstruction. PC Grantham agreed to look into this and advise the Parish Council if it is an offence for a dustbin to obstruct the pavement.





PC Grantham















C.W. Liepnik







PC Grantham






Cllr Dalton reported on the fly-tipping incidents. He did speak with Dennis Gardiner at TMBC. With regard to the fly-tipping in the recreation ground, he has sent a letter to the witness and a bill has been sent to the offender for the collection of the rubbish. With regard to the fly-tipping in Hall Road on Trenport land, it has been suggested that Trenport look into getting a surveillance camera here. It was pointed out that TMBC are in a difficult position here as this is Trenport land. Councillors asked who would pay for a camera. Cllr Dalton thought that KCC Environment Dept. or Trenport would pay for this.


Cllr Adams raised the question as to why you can use a surveillance camera as evidence and not a resident’s photo. PC Grantham explained that the cameras have the date and time and are calibrated. A witness’s photo is meaningless without the witness to calibrate what happened. Concern was raised that we must be careful not to send a negative message to residents who report fly-tipping incidents but do not want to go through the court procedure. The Chairman suggested that if the Parish Council is made aware of the vehicle owner then the Parish Council could write to the owner.


Cllr Dalton had been copied in by residence on a letter to the Enforcement Team at TMBC regarding the parking on double yellow lines and the pavement. He suggested that we ask the police to put the friendly notices on vehicles in the first instance, as carried out recently in Oldfield Drive and PC Grantham agreed to do this.


Cllr Head advised that she had spotted the Enforcement Team in the village today and they were putting tickets on cars in School Lane parked on DYL’s. It was thought that there are persistent DYL offenders in the village and their parking does cause a safety issue regarding sight lines in certain locations.

PC Grantham and CW Leipnik left the meeting at 8.00pm.


Cllr Dalton asked if the Parish Council were aware that the Post Office in the village shop has now been closed for around 6 weeks. Cllr Dalton has tried to speak with the shop owner and the PO without success at getting to cause of what appears to be a temporary closure. Cllr Dalton has received many phone-calls from residents on this. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Mr Patel, the shop owner, to ask for an update on the position, advising that we are concerned about the temporary closure and to ask if the Parish Council can help in any way. It was agreed that the Clerk would hand deliver the letter.






















PC Grantham



















Cllr Homewood confirmed that Michael Heath is the new contact at KHS as Pavinder Jutte has moved on. KHS will cease to exist later on in the year and it will become KCC. Cllr Homewood will continue to hold his monthly meetings with Michael Heath and the parish portal is still running. The Clerk advised that she would be attending the Highway’s Seminar next week when more detail on the new format will be explained.


Cllr Homewood advised that Pavinder has been passed the 2 Highway grant applications before she moved and these are in the system.


Cllr Fulwell asked if the junction of Cornwall Crescent could be looked at. Cllr Homewood advised that he had already looked at this junction and had put in an application for widening it.
















No members of public present.







Planning applications considered and commented upon, by Planning Committee: TM/11/00695/RDDetails of archaeological watching brief pursuant to 2 of planning permission TM11/00010/FL (natural swimming pool and associated solar panels) at Squires Hall, Starkey Castle Farm, Wouldham Road, Wouldham

Planning consents issued: TM/11/00983/FL – Loft conversion with front dormer at 17 Trafalgar Close, Wouldham – Granted Permission

TM/11/00695/RDDetails of archaeological watching brief pursuant to 2 of planning permission TM11/00010/FL (natural swimming pool and associated solar panels) at Squires Hall, Starkey Castle Farm, Wouldham Road, Wouldham -Approved

Planning applications refused: None to report

Other Planning Issues: Nothing to report.














Cllr Adams did not have any new streetlight issues to report this month. Cllr Parris asked about the streetlights in Hall Road. The Clerk advised that she had not received any further reports that the lights were not working and that it had been established that these were Russet Home owned lights, not Parish Council owned lights.








Cllr Adams reported that a man-hole cover has been knocked off in School Lane (LHS coming from Pilgrims Way, just before the school field). Cllr Adams agreed to investigate further as to who owns the man-hole cover.


Cllr Parris reported a gully cover, which has moved outside 61 High Street. It was agreed the Clerk would report this to KHS.


The Chairman commented on the email sent to all councillors from Cllr Davis following the last Joint Transportation meeting. Due to money constraints, there would not be money to do everything in the village and this would affect the precept for the coming year.



Cllr Adams









Cllr Adams reported that MR6 was in need of a cut. The Clerk advised that PROW were supposed to be doing their one cut of the village footpaths in the last 2 weeks of June but she had contacted Michele Snoding last week and these cuts would now be carried out in early July.











The Chairman reported that Andy Marr has done a test on the water meter and it stops dead so there is not a leak. The Clerk has arranged for a Technician from Southern Water to visit the site to locate the water meter and to whom the meter supplies. The Parish Council will not pay the water bill until we are happy with this and we can use last years bill to show the typical water consumption level. If the water consumption has increased, the costs would have to be passed over the allotment holders although the rent has already been paid for this year and it not due until 1/4/2012.








EDF have not commenced the Easement work as yet although the Parish Council has been paid.








The Chairman confirmed that notes from the last Steering Committee meeting had been circulated to all councillors plus the new village hall plans and the design and access statement. The planning application had now been received by TMBC this week.


Cllr Head asked why had the Steering Committee made all the decisions so far. The Chairman explained that the Steering Committee had been set up to work with an architect to make decisions on behalf of the Parish Council. The architect had come up with the final hall design with input from the Steering Committee using notes from survey’s, public consultation and visits to other halls. Great care had to be taken to design a hall, which would stand a successful chance of securing full planning permission on land designated as green space.


Cllr Homewood left the meeting at 8.40 pm.


Cllr Craib had questions about the design of the hall and circulated a list of questions/suggestions. The Clerk agreed to look at this and respond with answers, copying in all councillors.


The Chairman advised that the internal dimensions of the hall could be remodelled once permission has been obtained. The final build design would be dependant on the amount of funding available for this project. Amendments to the application can be made, at a cost.


Cllr Fulwell asked if we were approving the cheque for payment for the planning application. The Clerk advised that this had already been paid as approval for submitting a planning application had been made at a previous meeting along with approval of the use of the architect, Martin Hunt.


Cllr Dalton advised the Council that you have obtain planning permission before a fundraiser will even look at a project. Having worked with Martin Hunt before, Cllr Dalton also advised the Council that they are working with a very experienced architect, and the Steering Committee would have had to follow his advice on the design for the hall.


Cllr Parris asked if there are plans to improve the car-park and the Chairman confirmed the committee hope to include this in the project, if funding allows this, as mentioned in the Design and access statement.


Cllr Parris also raised concern about pylons being buried underground near the proposed site for the hall. The Chairman advised that this was not the case and that this was the architect’s job to check out this information.


The Steering Committee was asked if it intended to hold a public presentation and Cllr Adams advised that yes it would, but once the design has been finally approved. Concern was also raised about keeping the Parish Council/Potential hirers informed on the design and the Chairman confirmed that the Parish Council would be kept informed although input from hirer’s would be kept to a minimum as we are not building a hall for individual hirer’s.


Cllr Fulwell also had a list of questions/suggestions, which he passed to the Clerk.























A report on 2 greyhounds attacking a smaller dog on the recreation ground last weekend had been received and concern was raised over this, with regard to children in this area. After various discussions took place on bye-laws and the dog warden role, it was agreed that more information would be obtained regarding this from the injured dog party so the clerk can pass this information onto the dog warden.















Financial Statement – June 2011: This had been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting. The Chairman verified and signed the bank statement.


Bank Position as at 30/06/11

Current Account £100.00

Reserve Account £27,228.81

Building Society £10,290.50


Income for June 2011



HM Rev & Customs

VAT Return



KCC – VOV Grant

Landscape sculpture site Chq - 2624


Cheques signed:




Grounds Maintenance




Planning Application Fee



Sarah Egglesden

Salary & Expenses – June 11



J Harmer

Litter Duties – June 11



HM Rev & Customs

Tax & NI – May 11




Unmetered streetlighting



Just the Job

Grounds Maintenance – June 11



Wouldham Village Hall

PC Hire of Hall – 3 months



Burham & Wouldham Church Fund

Parish Mag – 3 months



Sarah Egglesden

Salary – Aug 2011 – post dated chq



J Harmer

Litter Duties – July 2011 – post dated chq




The following cheques were signed for the Village Hall Management Committee:



South East Water

Water bill



Gary Playford

Cleaning Contractor





























Items for the Church Newsletter – Cllr Parnell advised that she wished to stand down as the newsletter correspondent and Cllr Craib had expressed a wish to take this on. It was agreed to report on the Police report and the dustbins on pavements. This newsletter had to be submitted by August 10th.


Risk Assessment – The Clerk circulated a draft risk assessment. Following receipt of Cllr Parris’s RA, the Clerk had contacted other Parish Councils and Kalc for a RA. Using Kings Hill Parish Council’s RA as a model, information from Kalc, plus Cllr Parris RA and the Parish Council’s existing RA, the new one has been drafted for Councillors to look at. Any comments can be made to the Clerk and the Parish Council would be looking to approve this document in September meeting.


Cllr Craib











CORRESPONDENCE LIST: The list of correspondence received and letters sent during the last month had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting.








DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th September 2011 at 7.30 pm.






Cllr Parnell thanked everyone for their advice on the drain situation at her property. She had today received a letter from Southern Water advising that from 1/10/2011 they will be dealing with any drain problems that lead right up to your property. The problems in Oldfield Drive had occurred as the drains here are of a narrower gauge


Cllr Parnell reported that the sign for Pilgrims Way at the junction of Knowle Road is still obscured by vegetation. The Clerk advised that this has been on the portal but as vegetation here is cut by machine it does not clear around the sign. As the sign is on a corner it is a difficult location for someone to stop and clear this vegetation as coning off the road with signage would be required. It was agreed the Clerk would add this to the portal again.


Cllr Head asked if she could put an old Wouldham photo on the website asking people to identify the people in the photo and all councillors agreed to this.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.

















Cllr Head



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