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Welcome to Wouldham, a small village on the South bank of the River
Medway between Rochester and Maidstone, Kent in England.
Wouldham is probably best known for one of its past residents, Walter Burke,
who was the Purser aboard HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar, and is
famously portrayed cradling Admiral Lord Nelson in his last dying moments.
Walter is now at rest in All Saints Church in Wouldham.

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Welcome to Wouldham Village in the Kent Downs
Last update 20 February 2012
Those Summer walks we used to
Up the road, then across the stile.
Wed follow the path around the field
And walk for several miles.

As we skirted the edge of the quarry,
Pheasants would noisily rise in the
Rabbits scampered into the corn
That was already about waist high.

Wed cross the metal bridge, over the
Then turn right and set our aim,
For the row of old, concrete buildings
In the field, just off School Lane.

Following the road, down past the
Turn left, and past the Co-op.
To the bottom of the Tram Road,
Then on to the parade of shops.
Mr. Booth, and Tom, the butcher,
And the sweetshop of Mrs. Frank;
A pub that was called The Foresters,
Where all the village folk drank.

A short stroll to the corner,
Past The Medway Inn,
Up the hill past the football pitch,
Found us back home again.

It seems like only yesterday
As my recollection tries to show
People and places as they used to
About fifty years ago.

Poem by Jim Bell

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